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Bibliography on Network Economics "This is an interactive bibliography on the economics of networks and related subjects. Whenever available, I have included a clickable link to the electronic version of the listed manuscript so that it can be retrieved interactively. I encourage authors to deposit their papers in electronic form at a WWW, FTP, or GOPHER site, so that they are publicly available."
Economic FAQs About the Internet A set of Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) about the economic, institutional, and technological structure of the Internet. By: Jeffrey K. Mackie-Mason and Hal R. Varian.
Economics of Financial Networks and Electronic Trading "This is a collection of papers on financial exchange networks, electronic trading, call markets, and market liquidity. The main issue of these papers is the micro-structure of financial exchange. Many of them discuss the extent to which market liquidity affects the efficiency of trading, including bid-ask spreads and transaction costs. A number of the papers below discuss alternative trading structures that improve the efficiency of financial exchange."
Economics of Networks Internet Site "At this site, you will find a collection of information on economic issues of networks, such as the telephone and fax communications networks, the internet, financial exchange and credit card networks, as well as on "virtual networks," such as the virtual network of all Windows or all Mac computers."
Information Economy This is information about, "The Economics of the Internet, Information Goods,
Intellectual Property and Related Issues".