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Best Practices Database Solutions to common urban problems facing the world's cities today
Bravo Neighbours (Buren met Respect en Aandacht Voor de Omgeving) A Belgian social movement which tries to organize neighbors with respect for the environment. Includes some sociological hypotheses concerning social control and help-structures in modern cities. Editor: Anna Missinne (Kassel, Belgium).
Caribbean Urbanization in the Years of the Crisis The survey data contained in this archive was gathered as part of the project Urbanization in the Caribbean Basin during the Years of the Crisis. The project was undertaken between 1991 and 1994 and the survey data was collected in 1993. The goal of this comparative project was twofold: first to examine general propositions about Third World urbanization in the context of the smaller nations of the Caribbean Basin; second, to gain greater insight into specific developments in each country. The countries selected included Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Haiti and Jamaica.
Center for Urban Policy Research (CUPR) "For three decades, the Center for Urban Policy Research has served the nation with basic and applied research on a broad spectrum of public policy issues. CUPR, a component of the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy, is nationally and internationally recognized for its research on affordable housing, land use policy, the arts and cultural policy, development impact analysis, the costs of sprawl, transportation information systems, environmental impacts, and community economic development. CUPR has developed a wide array of fiscal, environmental, transportation, and quality of life impact models that have been used in major public policy evaluations throughout the United States."
Center for Urban Research and Learning (CURL) "The Loyola University Chicago's Center for Urban Research and Learning (CURL) is a non-traditional university research center. CURL promotes an innovative model of teaching and learning that reaches beyond Loyola's campuses and classrooms to develop equal partnerships between the university and Chicago's communities."
City of Bits A comprehensive introduction to a new type of city, a largely invisible but increasingly important system of virtual spaces interconnected by the emerging information superhighway. William Mitchell (Dean of the School of Architecture and Planning at MIT) makes extensive use of concrete, practical examples and illustrations in a technically well-grounded yet accessible examination of architecture and urbanism in the context of the digital telecommunications revolution, the ongoing miniaturization of electronics, the commodification of bits, and the growing domination of software over materialized form.
CIVITAS An attempt to make the issue of urban environment a theme for debate and information, in a non-governmental scope. Contains accounts and information on alternative experiences and new methodologies for urban planning, research reports, articles and comments, with emphasis on informal urban settlements. (Portuguese and English versions).
Cohousing Company An architectural and consulting firm that works with resident groups and developers to create communities that cluster private homes around extensive common facilities. Pioneers of the cohousing movement, Kathryn McCamant and Charles Durrett draw extensively on their direct experience with European and American CoHousing communities to provide workshops and services in the areas of group formation and facilitation, site search and acquisition, land development, architectural design, project management, and finance. The site provides information on cohousing, the company, services provided for developing cohousing communities and a list of resources available through the cohousing company.
Institute for Housing Studies and Urban Development (IHS) An international education institute, offering regular 3-months courses, tailor-made courses, Master Degree courses, Ph.D.'s and advisory services in the field of urban management, urban environmental management and housing in developing countries and countries in Central and Eastern Europe.
Planning and Architecture Internet Resource Centre (PAIRC) Contains links to 5000+ Web, Gopher and FTP sites with urban planning, architecture and landscape architecture related information. Most links have annotated descriptions. PAIRC also contains information about 130 architecture and planning related mailing lists. The index is converted from a set of hard-coded Web pages to a true searchable, categorical database. Maintained on Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning.
Policy Research Action Group (PRAG) "For nearly 15 years, PRAG has played a catalytic role that has helped change the research landscape and transform a relationship that was either adversarial or non-existent to one that is engaged and productive."
RUDI - The Resource for Urban Design Information at Oxford Brookes University UK A multi-media resource site for academics and practitioners developed by Oxford Brookes University Library and the Engineering Research & Development Centre at the University of Hertfordshire. A visually impressive and user friendly interface. One of the best internet sites for urban design information.
Shaping Our Communities: The Impacts of Information-Technology Resource guide to examine the impacts that information technology and telecommunications have on our cities, towns and land use patterns. Designed to get you thinking about the impacts that changes in telecommunications and information technology will have on our communities.
United Nations Habitat II Conference Home Page Home page of the United Nations Conference on Human Settlements (Habitat II) held in Istanbul, Turkey, 3-14 June 1996. Information on the background to the conference, talks given , plenary sessions, photos and much more. If you're interested in global urbanization, hit this site.
Urban Morphology Research Group Site for a research group with international links. Of interest to planners, urban designers, geographers, architects and others interested in the built-environment. Includes an annotated guide to related web sites.
Urban Sociology A collection of links useful to students in urban sociology.
Urban Planning 2010 A forum discussing the planning challenges in the 21st Century.