Social Change and Collective Behavior

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Activist Handbook A pragmatic, positive guide to activism in the nineties. Check out Shaw's monthly Internet column, The Activist's Angle, in which he analyses and critiques current activist campaigns and actions.
Activist's Oasis A place to relax, catch up on the latest news, and pick up a few new 'tools for troublemakers'.
Autonoom Centrum A Dutch political organization that supports illegal people and refugees. (Dutch and English version).
Black/African Related Resources Many resources on social/progressive activism. Editor: Arthur R. McGee (Clearinghouse Guide)
Collective Behavior and Social Movements: ASA Section "The purpose of the Section on Collective Behavior and Social Movements is to foster the study of emergent and extra-institutional social forms and behavior, crowds, social movements, disasters, riots, fads, strikes, and revolutionary movements are a few of the areas explored by the Section."
Collective Behavior and Social Movements: Activist Links This is a variety of links from Allyn and Bacon Publishers relating to many issues of activism.
Empowerment Practice and Social Change The Place for New Social Movement Theory.  A critical examination of the empowerment theory and its relationship to social change.
From Whence These Rumblings? "This essay consists of two main parts. In the first part of this essay, I present a general overview of some of the main themes that have emerged in the study of social movements during the twentieth century. In the second part of this essay I then explore the most germane area of the social movement literature (the examination of opportunity structures) and review this area of social movement literature in depth."
Internet: What It Can and Can't Do for Activists, The "This paper is based on the publication The Internet--What It Can and Can't Do for Activists, published by Social Justice Connections in September of 1995. The publication is an introduction to the Internet for social justice activists. Most of its information is elementary to Internet practitioners and would be tedious to repeat at this conference. Nor was the purpose of the publication merely to provide a body of information on the Internet in a neutral manner (if this is in fact possible). My intention was to provide information in a way that would support the work of local and national activists working for a progressive political agenda. This paper is my commentary on my publication and on the intersection between a political agenda for social justice in North America and the Internet as I see it."
Narratives of Possibility: Social Movements, Collective Stories and the Dilemmas of Practice A paper using narrative as a conceptual entry point into the practices through which people make choices, shape action, and create social movements.
New Social Movements Network "Topics of discussion in this forum mirror those put forth at the New Social Movement and Community Organizing Conference. Born out of the action project recommended at the windup of the conference held at Garfield Community Center in Seattle, WA Nov 1-3, 1995 comes the New Social Movement Network (NSMNet) of which you are invited to become a subscriber."
Political Parties, Interest Groups and other Social Movements A collection of links composed by Richard Kimber (Keele University, UK).
Share the Wealth This project is part of a broad social movement of people concerned that the concentration of wealth is hurting our nation. Its goal is to revitalize America through a more fair distribution of wealth. It's an independent, non-partisan organization.
Social Activism Gladys Smiley Bell (Clearinghouse Guide)
Social Movements and Culture "This site provides a space for the study of social movements in the U.S., including those movements as linked to transnational and global movements. Our emphasis is on recent and contemporary movements, but we also aim to provide materials on earlier movements."
Theories of Social Movements and Their Current Development in Soviet Society "Theories of social movements are closely connected with the general problems of society's development. To analyse social movements separately, in abstraction from the social structure, is to limit the problem by superficial analysis, which is not fruitful and does not allow us to understand the nature of social movements. For that reason all the serious theories of social movements are based on general approaches to the principles of society's development."