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This is the mailing list archive that complements the journal Capital and Class. The intention is to have a forum for open discussion of research and teaching issues around Marxist political economy.
 Class and Class Conflict in Industrial Society (Summary of 'Classes in Post-Capitalist Society', p. 241-8 by Dahrendorf, Ralf [1959]
Class Boundaries and Contradictory Class Locations This is a summary of Erik Olin Wright's work.
Class Structure and Class Process: Postmodern Understandings of Class Dynamics  There are two problematics addressed in this work: first the ontological character of natural and social systems as an empiric referent answering to the concept of 'structure.' Three are analytic choices affect the degree to which a given series of events become a social structure: a) scale of observation, b) region in an outcome basin and c) stage in a bifurcation map. The second problematic in this paper considers the degree to which class structures/processes can occupy the same time/space region. In short, nonlinear feedback processes make it possible for differing structures to occupy the same lived space at the same time.
Class Structure and Non-Linear Social Dynamics "Postmodern critiques of structure and 'grand narratives' are pointed at modernists conceptions of structure and process. The new sciences of chaos and complexity render such critiques of limited scope." Young, T.R [1995]
Class Structuration and Class Consciousness Giddens, Anthony [1982] (Summary).
Classes: The unwritten 52nd Chapter of Volume III of Marx's Capital, The  
Distinction Bourdieu, Pierre [1984] - Cambridge: Harvard University Press, ch. 5 (pp. 260-317).
Future of Intellectuals and the Rise of the New Class, The Gouldner, Alvin [1979]  (Summary)
Immigrants and Underclass Formation  
Marxism and Class Theory: A Bourgeois Critique Parkin, Frank [1979] (Summary).
Political Power and Social Classes Poulantzas, Nicos [1978] New York: Verso, pp. 123-41, 255-62, 275-89, 296-307.
'Refuse of All Classes'? Social Indicators and Social Deprivation In: Sociological Research Online 1(1). An attempt to exploit the indices of poverty and social deprivation in the field of class analysis. This is demonstrated by an examination of Patterson of social deprivation in 1991 Census data, using the Townsend, Jarman, Dreadline Britain and the new DoE Local Conditions Indices. For the explanation for the empirical findings they use two main strands of class analysis: the Weberian idea that deprivation and occupational class both derive from market situations, and the consumption sector theory.
Social Class Homepage A discussion of the social cleavage of class and class politics. Provides an article index and links on social class.
Social Mobility and Class Structure in Modern Britain Goldthorpe, John H. [1980] (chapter 1).
Status Group and Stand: The Final Solution to the Question of Class in American Sociology After you get to the archives select number 21 "Status Group and Stand".