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ABEL Home Page We provide prospective customers with information about Abel Screening's products and services, and we provide the public with information about sexual violence.
Advocates Against Battering & Abuse As stated in the article "(AABA), a nonprofit agency, has served the citizens of Routt County by assisting victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence and their family members through crisis services, supportive counseling, advocacy, and community education. Since 1983, AABA has been dedicated to decreasing and ultimately eliminating domestic and sexual violence".
Domestic and Sexual Violence Data Collection: A Report to Congress under Violence Against Women Act This research report, supported by the National Institute of Justice and the Bureau of Justice Statistics, looks at how States and the Federal Government collect data on the incidence of sexual and domestic violence offenses. It identifies ways in which States could centralize data collection and examines problems of Federal statistical record keeping of criminal complaints of domestic violence-related.
EXCOM Conclusions - No. 73 (XLIV) - 1993 - Refugee Protection and Sexual Violence "Noting with grave concern the widespread occurrence of sexual violence in violation of the fundamental right to personal security as recognized in international human rights and humanitarian law, which inflicts serious harm and injury to the victims, their families and communities, and which has been a cause of coerced displacement including refugee movements in some areas of the world."
FindMail Communications: queerlaw New York City--Urging the United States Supreme Court to permit a case of male-on-male sexual harassment to go to trial, fourteen groups against sexual violence, represented by Catharine A. MacKinnon, filed an amicus brief in support of the plaintiff, Joseph Oncale.
Law Professor Seeks Justice For Women Rape and sexual violence against women have been used as tools of war for centuries. International law provides sanctions for individuals who perpetrate these war crimes. However, military officers and even state leaders who order soldiers to rape have rarely been held accountable or prosecuted. Linda Malone, professor of law, is working to change that.
Male on Male Rape Male on Male Rape: The Hidden Toll of Stigma and Shame examines a form of violence that, despite worldwide prevalence, remains vastly underreported and unrecognized. Michael Scarce, coordinator of a rape education and prevention program and a survivor of male adult rape, investigates the substantial effects of male-on-male sexual violence on individuals and society, dispelling popular myths and questioning why most communities cannot or will not confront the problem of same-sex sexual violence.
Mail&Guardian: Sexual violence in South Africa Violence Against Women in South Africa illuminates  the damage done by those whose job is to serve and  protect. Many of the state personnel interviewed had
not even heard of the Prevention of Family Violence  Act, while others claimed that the act would undermine  the sacred institution of marriage.
Mission Statement The University of Louisville's Sexual Assault Prevention Committee is committed to the belief that all people have the right to live free of violence and of the fear of violence.
National Coalition Against Sexual Assault  "The National Coalition Against Sexual Assault is a feminist organization which provides leadership to the movement to end sexual violence through advocacy, education and public policy. Our vision is to eliminate sexual assault and all forms of oppression. We work to attain quality services for victims/survivors and we challenge the nation to commit to a rape-free culture."
`No Means No' campaign sends strong message "The campaign aims to inspire people to talk about sexual violence," says McConnell. "One workshop was designed specifically for women survivors of sexual violence to let women know that they're not alone on campus and there are other women who are dealing with the same issues."
Political/Social Context of Sexual Assault, The " Sexual violence has always been a problem. With increasing knowledge of the prevalence of sexual assault in the U.S. and the world, more and more people are growing aware that it exists even within their own communities. One result of that awareness is an increase in services and protections for victim/survivors. However, it is important to place sexual violence within a context of society and its structure, for this form of assault has an impact well beyond the individual or even close friends and family members."
RC/AVSC Mission Statement We believe that sexual violence works in conjunction with racism, homophobia and classism. We know that sexual assault is not confined to any group or community and that the popular stereotypes lie.
Real Men of Rutgers "Sexual violence is not a man's disease-it is a cancer of society. Unfortunately, we are not properly taught how to prevent such acts of violence in our society. Through education we can begin to treat the symptoms of sexual violence at their earliest stages." This is a copy of the Rutgers site.
REAL MEN Work to End Violence Against Women We are a political educational group committed to public activism. Our principle goal is to encourage more men to take responsibility for our personal sexism as well as the overwhelming level of violence against women in our society.
Reclaim The Night - Why We March Reclaim the Night is a march and rally against sexual violence for women and children held on the last Friday of October every year. It began in Britain in 1977 in response to a public announcement that women should stay home at night if they wanted to be safe.
Rwanda: HR Abuses against Women, 9/27/96 In Shattered Lives: Sexual Violence During the Rwandan Genocide and its Aftermath, released today, Human Rights Watch and the Federation Internationale des Ligues des Droits de l'Homme (FIDH) provide detailed and disturbing testimonies from women who survived horrific attacks on their families and themselves, only to face a future complicated by laws and practices that discriminate against them and social services that cannot begin to meet their needs.
Sexual Violence Sexual Violence is any sexual behavior between two or more people to which one person does not or cannot consent. This includes all forms of non-consensual sexual conduct, including sexual harassment.

STAAR - Students Together Against Acquaintance Rape

Sessions are designed to help people become more comfortable discussing "sensitive" issues, and to understand where the barriers are between what is acceptable, and what is sexual assault.
Support Center Against Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault The Support Center Against Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault is just one of the many organizations with which RSVP of the Upper Valley and White Mountains (VT/NH) works to get things done in the Upper Valley.
Texas Journal of Women and the Law The Texas Journal of Women and the Law will sponsor its 2nd Annual Symposium, "Family Law: Emerging Issues," on Friday, March 6, 1998, at The University of Texas School of Law. The purpose of the symposium is to bring awareness to issues which are complicated by the intersection of family law with other topics of gender.
University of Minnesota TC: Refugee Studies Center Unlike many other outrageous actions committed during war and ethnic upheaval, sexual violence and rape directed primarily at women and children often result in their stigmatization within the communities where support is expected. The traumatic stress for a woman may last a lifetime and if a child is born, may continue for another generation.
UNHCR Issues - Women Women Among the people hit hardest by the violence and uncertainty of displacement are young girls, elderly widows, single mothers –women. As a rule of thumb, more than 75 percent of these destitute displaced people are women and their dependent children.
WCASA The Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault (WCASA) promotes the social change needed to end sexual violence in Wisconsin.  Our mission is to support a statewide network of concerned individuals and organizations as they work toward this goal.