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About Sexual Abuse "In order to recognize the reality of sexual abuse and to address the trauma experienced by survivors as well as the impact on society, it is important to adhere to a broader definition of sexual abuse and a more global view of whom the offenders and survivors are. Although these and other examples may not result in criminal charges, nor be intentional, they may nevertheless result in."
All About Center This page once again lists sites for more information about sexual abuse. Among the topics that can be accessed from this page are sexual harassment in schools, a database for survivor's, and The Healing Woman Newsletter.
Iowa Criminal Laws: Sex Crimes This site addresses Iowa laws and definitions regarding sex crimes.
Male Sexual Abuse "This site was created , as a resource to those men who have been sexually abused, or as a source of information for those who are interested in the subject. It discusses men and rape and has resources for male sexual abuse survivors."
Men and Rape, Sexual Abuse - Elsewhere on the Web An 11 yr old boy uses the internet to tell the truth about the abuse he suffers at his mother's hands. This is only one of the stories told here. There are links to: The Virtual Hospital and A Nation's Shame: Fatal Child Abuse and Neglect in the United States.
RID ALASKA CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE Get your information on our Resource & Information Directory, making it easier for victims/survivors and their families to find the help they need. By having services listed it will be easier for victims/survivors and their families to find the help that they need. "Resource and Information Directory on child sexual abuse in the State of Alaska. Our starting point is Kenai, we hope to expand our listings to encompass the whole state."
Sexual Abuse of Males: Prevalence, Lasting Effects, and Resources Like most sites I found this one gives links to several other sites about sexual abuse, this one however is talking about sexual abuse with men and female perpetrators. "The effects of abuse are well documented, although most of the research has typically focused on women victims. This is changing. Many men experience numerous effects from sexual abuse. These include depression, anxiety, panic, relationship difficulties, sexual difficulties, low self esteem, alcohol and drug name a few."
Sexual Abuse Resources The Men's Issues Page contains information on a lot of information on a wide variety of Men's Issues including the subjects of false charges of sexual assault and rape, men that have been victims of sexual abuse, and violence against men.
Sexual Assault Information Page This was one of the best pages I saw concerning sexual assault or abuse. It featured many links addressing such issues as rape, child abuse, self-defense and the use of rohypnol. "The Sexual Assault Information Page (SAIP) is a not-for-profit information and referral service created and maintained by Chris Bartley. SAIP provides information concerning acquaintance rape, child sexual abuse/assault, incest, rape, ritual abuse, sexual assault, and sexual harassment."
SEXUAL RECOVERY ANONYMOUS "Sexual Recovery Anonymous (SRA) is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover."  This page also lists the 12 steps of SRA and the 12 traditions of SRA.
Voices in Action "Members are men and women from various economic, religious, cultural and social backgrounds. Members are adult survivors of incest and child sexual abuse, their partners and pro-survivors (people who provide emotional support to a survivor) and professionals working in the field."
What is Sexual Assault? This page starts off by explaining exactly what sexual assault is and continues on to give the statistics of rape in the U.S.  It also explains how sexual assault hurts everyone close to the victim not just the victim.  The steps the victim goes through on the way to recovery are also listed as the crisis stage, the denial stage, suffering stage and resolution stage.