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A Content Analysis of Internet-Accessible Written Pornographic Depictions Denna Harmon & Scot B. Boeringer. In: EJS 1(3), 1997. "Concerns over the availability of sexually explicit material in what has come to be termed "cyberspace" have recently blossomed into a national debate on the subject. Attempts to restrict access to the sexual side of the Internet have expanded to involve universities, access providers, and the Federal Government, which enacted substantial new restrictions upon Internet content as part of the 1995 Telecommunications Reform Bill. These restrictions, which were ruled unconstitutional recently by the Supreme Court, were enacted in part due to research suggesting that the Internet is a veritable smorgasbord of pornographic entertainment, available to anyone, regardless of age, with a computer and Internet access. While there are serious questions regarding the research project which provided much of the press and governmental officials' information on the subject, the issue is important enough to warrant more research before the social science community can claim to be informed. This project assesses the content of images contained in one of the more commonly accessible Usenet newsgroups:"
Da Vinci Society A student organization that provides a network for discussion and support for students with lifestyles that: are alternative to heterosexuality; educates the campus community about diversity related issues and enhance communication about the negative consequences of prejudice and bigotry; provides opportunities for people who would like to know more about issues dealing with sexuality. They have members who are straight, gay, bisexual and lesbian.
Deceptions of a 'Gender Equal Society' The late Eleanor Leacock was an anthropologist and feminist who published claims of societies that were supposedly "Egalitarian," in regard both to wealth, and to sex. Her writings display a strong Marxist bent. Leacock's essay "Women In Egalitarian Societies" was published as chapter one of Becoming Visible, a textbook used in Womens History classes (Bridenthal and Koonz, eds). One of her principal examples of a supposedly nonpatriarchal society (i.e., one where leadership does not rest primarily with the male) was the Montagnais-Naskapi Native Americans of the Labrador peninsula of Canada. Now, the Montagnais-Naskapi of today (on whom she had done field work) are clearly patriarchal, so she cites the 17th century accounts of Jesuit missionaries to make a claim that this society was once gender-equal, but was subsequently "completely transformed" by their contact with Western colonial powers.
Dr Ruth Online Dr. Ruth Westheimer, America's foremost sex therapist, has dedicated her website to the honest, informative, and entertaining promotion of sexual literacy. Special Features Premature ejaculation ? The G spot? Avoiding sex during pregnancy? Dr. Ruth has the answers to your most frequently asked sex questions.
Gender (Yahoo) Books, Conferences, Educational Gender Equity, Intersexuality, Men, Rape, Sexual Abuse, Sexual Harassment, Transgendered, Women.
Gender, Control, and Interaction Jan E. Stets & Peter J. Burk (Dep. of Sociology, Washington State University).
Gender Issues Blur your gender: "We create our own gender, through our own choices. Some people have changed gender by climbing over the walls that exist. Editor: Julie Waters.
Gender Issues in Contempory Industrialisation: An Annotated Bibliography A bibliography with annotated references to the relationship between issues of gender and issues of industrial restructuring in the South and the North. The bibliography is available as a WinWord version 6 document.
Gender and Sexuality American Studies Web. With women's studies, and gay, lesbian and bisexual resources.
Gender and Sexuality A workspace for discussion on gender, sexuality, sexual identity and cultural practices. Provides access to local documents and links to Internet resources for Feminist, Gender and Women's Studies.
Gender and Society: A matter of Nature or Nurture? Michael Kearl
How Liberal is the Netherlands? - Exploring Contemporary Dutch Sexual Cultures A paper written by Ger Hekma for the conference "Sexuality and the State in the Netherlands", Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies, Harvard, April 25th, 1997.
International Journal of Transgenderism The first scientific journal on transgenderism. The journal is peer reviewed and its editorial board consists of many leading scientists from all over the world. It publishes full text contributions on all aspects of gender identification, gender blending, and gender migration -- including medical, legal, and psychological studies. A peer-reviewed electronic journal, it is expected to be published quarterly.
Intersexuality: An Annotated Bibliography  
Institute of Sexuality Culture and Society It intends to bring together anthropologists, multi-disciplinary scholars, and students committed to the study of sexuality & gender across time and space.
Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction Promoting interdisciplinary research and scholarship in the fields of human sexuality, gender, and reproduction.