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Center for Immigration Research "The Center for Immigration Research seeks to study the consequences of current immigration trends in order to inform decision making concerning international and national immigration policies, as well as to disseminate information to local institutions, organizations and policy-makers involved with the settlement and incorporation of America's "new immigrants" into their communities."
Center for Research in International Migration and Ethnic Relations (CEIFO) "Centre for Research in International Migration and Ethnic Relations, CEIFO, is an inter-disciplinary research unit established 1983 at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Stockholm University. Its research programme covers international migration, ethnicity, nationalism, xenophobia and racism, ethnic relations, immigration policies and refugee reception models. The living conditions and integration of various immigrant groups are studied in a cross-national comparative perspective. Those aspects of Swedish society and culture which become visible upon confrontation with the immigrants are investigated as well."
Migration and Ethnic Relations Provides access to many online resources on Migration and Ethnic Relations. The index to online resources is clearly structured in categories.
Race Relations An extensive index for Black and American Studies. Categories include: African American Bibliography, Asian Envy, The Death of Affirmative Action, Douglass - My Escape from Slavery, Eaten up by Stereotypes, King: Free At Last, Networking the Nations, NAACP, Nelson Mandela, Race and the Religious Right, Racial Discrimination, Racism and Academia, Truth: Ain't I a Woman?, Who are the World's Indigenous?, and many more.
Race & Ethnicity This is a collection of links to sites on race and ethnicity from the American Studies Web.
Race, Ethnicity and Inequality Links This is a group of links from Allyn and Bacon.
RACE-POL This is a Discussion List for Race, Ethnicity and Politics. It is sponsored by the American Political Science Association's Organized Section on Race, Ethnicity and Politics. Send the message "SUBSCRIBE RACE-POL <your_name>". It facilitates communication among political scientists & other scholars who share an interest in race, ethnicity, and political power.