Property Rights

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10 Big Myths about Copyright Explained Brad Templeton
Berne Convention for the protection of literary and artistic works Paris text 1971
Copyright and Intellectual Property Resources International orientated site which provides links to legislation on copy rights, agents, collectives and other organizations. With a bibliography on copy rights, resources on intellectual property and links on copy right policy. From: IFLA.
Copyright and the World Wide Web Michael M. Lean [1995] - Queensland University of Technology.
Copyright FAQ Frequently asked questions with answers relating to copyright law, particularly that of the United States.
Copyright: The Glue of the System Copyright has become a battleground. Librarians and publishers are the two ends of the scholarly communication chain. Many librarians see copyright as the element that will provide the way out of their budget problems. Many publishers see it as essential to maintaining sales of their publications. Neither side is without its bias, and very little in the way of compromise has been offered. As a non-lawyer, it is impossible for me to comment on the legal technicalities of copyright law. Fisher discusses the practicalities of current copyright policies and hypothesizes how the system might change if the new policies being discussed now became reality. The changes being proposed are intended to shift control of dissemination of published materials from publishers to either authors or their universities. She assumes that the result would be an improvement. However, without the basic assurances that copyright gives the ability of the research community to determine value would disintegrate and research output would be harmed.
Copyrights in an Electronic Age James M. Jordan III, Alston & Bird, Atlanta, GA. In: Journal of Technology Law & Policy, Fall 1996.
European Commission Legal Advisory Board: Intellectual Property An overview of copyright issues in Europe and worldwide.
Great Internet Panic: How Digitization is Deforming Copyright Law Anne K. Fujita, University of Oregon School of Law. In: Journal of Technology Law & Policy, Fall 1996.
Imprimatur This stands for Intellectual Multimedia Property Rights Model And Terminology for Universal Reference. It's an European consortium that concentrates on infrastructure and process of intellectual property. The project is about methods of buying and selling digital rights on networks.
Intellectual Property Why care about intellectual property rights? "Consider the internet provider in Lithuania or the one person startup in Canada who download the content of your site onto their servers, change the headers, and are deriving commercial benefits from that content." You'll get articles, reports and other information on intellectual property and on the concerning laws.
Intellectual Property A list of links on intellectual property from Boston College.
Intellectual Property Bulletin Collection of links to resources on intellectual property for professionals in universities and enterprises. From the Franklin Pierce Law Center (USA).
Intellectual Property Magazine Articles about right and policy in relation to advanced technology.
Intellectual Property: A Pathfinder for Librarians and Educators Includes resources, biographies, periodicals, and related Internet sites, including copy right agents and collectives.
Selling Wine Without Bottles The Economy of Mind on the Global Net. By: J.P. Barlow [March 1994].
What is Property? An Inquiry into the Principle of Right and of Government P.-J. Proudhon
World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) A specialized agency of the United Nations which is responsible for promoting the protection of intellectual property worldwide and for the administration of multilateral treaties dealing with the legal and administrative aspects of intellectual property. The site contains the full text of all the treaties administered by WIPO with information on the countries which have ratified them.