Alternative and Pop Cultures

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1969 Woodstock Festival & Concert See scenes and hear music from the original while making comparisons to the 1994 version.
60's Trading Post You may be in the 90's but, you can still buy from the 60's at this location. "There's a bitter wind blowing across our world. Many of the Flowers have wilted. But the Spirit of the Sixties is perennial. It is our goal to stir the soil, till the garden and watch the flowers bloom."
Cyberpunk and Postmodern Culture Read these essays on the fragility of social relations in 'cyberspace', they go as fast as they come.
Cyberpunk as Counterculture Maybe, with the cyberpunks, the new counterculture has come of age.
Doc Hambone This interesting site discusses fringe culture, conspiracy theories, and has lots of links.
Farm, The  This is one of the longest existing communes in the USA. This site explains many of ideas that have kept them together.
Haight Ashbury Home Page This site brings back memories of the better days of the 60s, and discusses today's Haight culture.
Hills Web Here you'll get a look at hillbilly culture from the inside. "Hillsweb, Appalachia's magazine. Designed and written to preserve the true Appalachian tradition and fight the stereotypes that have been placed upon us. Hillsweb is published 4 times a year from Sheldon Clark High School in Martin County, KY."
Hippie Haven As they advertise, this is "a place for old hippies to rest".
History of Cinema and Popular Culture "The Bill Douglas Centre for the History of Cinema and Popular Culture is the University of Exeter's newest research initiative in the Arts. Commemorating Bill Douglas, one of British cinema's most original creators, the Centre will house one of the largest public collections in Britain of books, prints, artefacts and ephemera depicting the history and prehistory of cinema. The Centre's resources will be available to the people of the South West of England and, through the World Wide Web, to the
international community of film scholars and cinéastes."
Holy Nature The culture of  naturalism is brought to life by this Russian nudist group.
Intentional Communities Web Site There's a lot of information on communes, co-ops, etc. at this site.
NUDISM.COM HOMEPAGE This site is about nudist culture and is the  home of the nudist webring.
Net Tribes: Future Culture There are a lot of links on virtual culture, psychedelic culture, rave culture, cyberculture, industrial culture, postmodern culture, and  new age technologies to be found here.
Popular Culture: The Dirty Thirties The thirties will be forever remembered as a period of great depression, yet they will also be immortalized as a time of entertainment - of glamorous movie stars and singers, glitzy nightspots and big bands, high fashion, leisure activities, fads, numerous radio shows and more. This dream world was the foundation of popular culture in the thirties.
Research Resources in Popular Culture This is another good place to start your research into culture.
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame  Music that helped shape the US culture is discussed on this site.
Society for Utopian Studies
"Founded in 1975, The Society for Utopian Studies is an international, interdisciplinary association devoted to the study of utopianism in all its forms, with a particular emphasis on literary and experimental utopias."
Tokyo Rockin' Pop culture in Japan is depicted at this site.
Velcome to Vampyres Only This is a somewhat serious look at vampyre culture in the 90s.
Vision of Sanctuary "VISION of Sanctuary deals with the life choices we make each day. With the advent of the millennium and the radical shift evident in all areas of life, traditional choices might seem empty of nourishment and support. Thus a search begins to find, or build, a fulfilling and nourishing environment through which we can come together and co-create what the world is to be."  Alternative, back to nature lifestyles are examined at this site.
Web of Culture This site describes many alternative cultures.