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Albert Anastasia Tells the truth about the violent and erratic behavior of Mobster Albert Anastasia. Goes into detail about what he did to a Mr. Schumann.
BBC News: John Gotti: The Teflon Don The son of America's most famous organized crime boss, John Gotti, has been arrested along with dozens of other suspected gangsters. John "Junior" Gotti has allegedly led New York City's Gambino crime family since his father - nicknamed The Dapper Don because of his immaculate dress sense - was jailed for life in 1992. (BBC News, Friday, January 23, 1998)"
Combined Counties Police Assn. "This Web Page also is intended to help educate the public on the activities of organized crime and organized crime figures. Who are they? Who are their associates? Who are the politicians who work with them? Which governments turn their backs to their activities and refuse to confront them?"
Committee for a Safe Society "This is a well systematized collection of sources and resources about organised crime worldwide, a web site of The Committee for a Safe Society (CSS) - Organized Crime & The New Society is warning that entire nations are falling to organized crime, and that every aspect of your life will be affected."
Cotter's Corner "I love organized crime!!!! It is as old as time. I have read every book I can get ahold of. I watch every movie I can. I have watched Gottion HBO and rented it several times. I am fascinated with the impact it has on the economy, who really runs this country and what can be done with the connections to organized crime."
DEA'S FINEST DETAILS CORRUPTION "Celerino Castillo III, one of the Drug Enforcement Agency's most prolific agents, who netted record busts in New York, Peru, Guatemala, El Salvador and San Francisco, was ordered not to investigate US-sponsored drug trafficking operations supervised by Oliver North."
Gang Land The best we page on the net so far about the mafia. Has pictures of mafia member, "WiseGuys" that you can click on to read about their lives and what they did.
Gangsters Inc. Gangsters have always captured the American spirit in more than one way. Of course they have never ceased to be a threat to decent family life and values, but they have also had a romantic mystique about them that is practically unequaled. It is this mystique that has kept people all over the world intrigued with organized crime for several centuries. This web page is intended to both explore that mystique, and to look at the characters and events that created it.
Japanese Yakuza "The boss in the Japanese mafia was about to be released from prison, and tradition required that a congregation of gangsters in black suits and white ties line the prison entrance, bow to the boss and say, 'You worked hard you must be tired.'"
John Gotti Basically what he did, those convicted him and so on. Gives a regular update of his situation.
Kennedy Documents
Provide Peek at the Mob
"From Correspondent Bruce Morton WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The veil behind which the Mafia hides from the public has been partially lifted with release of FBI documents once used by Congress to look into the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. At least 15,000 pages of documents ... - Jan. 16, 1997"
La Cosa Nostra This site contains information about the Mafia. It focuses on La Cosa Nostra, which is the Italian and Sicilian mafia. There is a page for each city that is known to currently have, or previously have had a chapter of La Cosa Nostra. You can get info on the bosses in every place from New York City to the small time LCN outfit in Rockford, Illinois.
Mafia Homepage, The "The Honored society, or Mafia, as it was less often called, was a vast criminal brotherhood that developed in Palermo and western Sicily. It rose as a reaction to centuries of misrule. What distinguished the Mafia from similar groups was the pace at which it prospered and took over Sicilian society."
Mafia Page, The This site has a list of several "successful" mobster's. Can click on a mobster such as Don Claogero Vizzini, Salvatore Lucania, Vito Genovese, etc., and it gives you their story.
Mafia Women "New breed of Mafia Woman emerging from shadows in Italy - MN Daily Online - 04/30/1996. WORLD/NATION New breed of Mafia Woman emerging from shadows in Italy PALERMO, Sicily (AP) -- The Mafia kept her back in the shadows and away from its secrets"
Mexican Mafia "LOS ANGELES (CNN) -- Twelve purported members of the Mexican Mafia, accused of running a drug and crime ring from jail cells, were convicted by a federal jury Friday on conspiracy and other counts. A 13th man was acquitted. The men were tried under a 29-count indictment that ... - May 30, 1997"
Mob Bosses Took
a Beating Last Year
"From Correspondent Peg Tyre NEW YORK (CNN) -- Being a Mafia boss just isn't what it used to be. Sure, the old-line Mafia families in the United States have been on a steady decline for a while, but things took a sharp turn for the worse in 1996. Indeed, some of the biggest names in U.S. organized ...  Jan. 3, 1997"
Office of International Criminal Justice "Ronald A. Pincomb Volume 10, Number 3. INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZED CRIMINAL ENTERPRISES (IOCE) The following information illustrates the FBI's current investigative efforts to dismantle IOCEs that pose the most significant threat to the United States in terms of illegal activities, including drug trafficking and money laundering. ITALIAN CRIMINAL ENTERPRISES"
Organized Crime Home Page "Is organized crime a parasitic life force? Is it a natural social phenomenon? How does organized crime affect you? Find out!"
Organized Crime Registry this is a lengthy list of links about serious crimes committed and their links to the mafia.
Sicilian Mafia A list of mafia names connected with the Sicilian Mafia. Gives what each person did and what happened to them.
Transnational Criminal Organizations: Strategic
"The Washington Quarterly, 1995 Winter. Compares organized crime alliances with business alliances, gives a few examples of crime cartels working together, including Mexico, Colombia, Sicily, Nigeria, China"
Unofficial Homepage of
the NYC Mafia
Source for information on organized crime in New York City. Give topics such as My Mafia Page, My Mafia Reference, Mafia Links, My Mafia History, My Mafia Mug Shot Page and so forth.
Underworld Information Has mafia topics such as the Mafia Forum, Mafia in Pictures, Mafia Links. Can click on topic and go into more detail.
Yakuza: Past and Present "The yakuza can trace its origins back to as early as 1612, when people known as kabuki-mono ("crazy ones"), began to attract the attention of local officials. Their odd clothing and haircuts and behavior, along with carrying longswords at their sides, made them quite noticable. Kabuki-mono made a habit of antagonizing and terrorizing anyone at their leisure, even to the point of cutting one down just for sheer pleasure."
Yakuza, the Japanese Mafia "The yakuza is an all men's society. They do not trust women. The only visible woman in the group is the boss' wife, called ane-san. Ane-san means "older sister." All members give her the same respect as the boss because she is his wife. However, she does not get involved in the business. Her position in the group is the boss' wife, and not a member of a group."