Articles and books about and by Native Americans

Writing from College Writing Programs

The Creativity Corner at College of the Menominee Nation
Writing from Aurora College, Fort Resolution, NWT, Canada.

Books and Articles with full text online

A Man Between Nations: The Diary of Peter Pitchlynn
For the Next Seven Generations: Indigenous Americans and Communalism by Glenn Morris
U.S. Indian Policy: Extermination and Assimilation by Glenn Morris
Debunking Myths for Species Survival by Glenn Morris
The Books of Charles A. Eastman (Ohiyesa)
Indian Boyhood as a single large file or the Table of Contents of a segmented version
Old Indian Days as a single large file or the TOC of a segmented version
The Soul of the Indian as a single large file or the TOC of a segmented version
Impressions of an Indian Childhood: Zitkala-Sa
Taken from the Atlantic Monthly . New York 1900 Volume 85
Section 1: Impressions of an Indian Childhood
Section 2: The School Days of an Indian Girl
Section 3: An Indian Teacher Among Indians
A Warrior's Daughter
Why I am a Pagan
The Soft-Hearted Sioux
The Trial Path
Old Indian Legends: Full text or Table of Contents
Writings of Emily Pauline Johnson
The Iroquois Constitution
Native American Testimony at the Poison Fire, Sacred Earth,
The World Uranium Hearing, Salzburg 1992
James Garrett, Lakota Nation
Floyd Red Crow Westerman, Dakota Nation
Thomas Banyacya Sr., Hopi Nation
Manuel Pino, Acoma Nation(Discussion of slide presentation)
Alveno Waconda, Laguna Nation
Gloria Lewis, Laguna Nation
Suwimi Lewis, Laguna Nation
Austin Sam, Diné (Navajo) Nation
Philipp Harrison, Diné (Navajo) Nation
Anna Rondon, Diné (Navajo) Nation
Laurie Goodman, Diné (Navajo) Nation
Ian Zabarte, Western Shoshone Nation
Rex Tilousi, Havasupai Nation
Carletta Tilousi, Havasupai Nation
Russel Jim, Yakima Nation
The Preface to Freedom With Reservation by S. Verna Fowler, President College of the Menominee Nation
The Preface to Sustaining the Forest, the People, and the Spirit
Eskimo Songs and Stories
Peter Pitseolak's Escape from Death
Search for Nanook
Peter Pitseolak (1902-1973), Inuit Historian of Seekooseelak
Story Time at Rankin Inlet
Writing in Inuktitut: An Historical Perspective
Articles from The Atlantic Monthly, Harper's Weekly, Scribner's Magazine, Century Magazine, St. Nicolas Magazine in the period 1880 - 1905
Aboriginal America by Jacob Abbott
An Indian Boy's Story by Ah-nen-la-de-ni [La France, Daniel]
The Basket Maker by Mary Austin
The White Hour or How Evaly John, the Paiute Girl, Briefly Realized the Ambition of Her Father, the Medicine Man. by Mary Austin
The Song-Makers by Mary Austin
A Land of Little Rain (article) by Mary Austin
The Land of Little Rain (entire book)Table of Contents (with links) or A single large file with images from the original edition
Jimville: A Bret Harte Town by Mary Austin
Mahala Joe by Mary Austin
The Little Coyote by Mary Austin
Notes Among the Indians by Vincent Colyer
The Giant Indians of Tierra Del Fuego by Frederick A. Cook
Have We Failed with the Indian? by H. L. Dawes
The Indian Territory by Henry L. Dawes
The Navajo Indians by William M. Edwardy
An Interesting Representative of a Vanishing Race by B. O. Flower
The Last of the Five Tribes by Grant Foreman
Two Stories of Oklahoma by Hamlin Garland
Little Friend Coyote by George Bird Grinnell
The Indian on the Reservation by George Bird Grinnell
The Medicine Grizzly Bear by George Bird Grinnell
The Wild Indian by George Bird Grinnell
The Girl Who Was the Ring. by George Bird Grinnell
Ancient Mining on the Shores of Lake Superior by Albert D. Hagar
Chief Joseph Anonymous
Three Noted Chiefs of the Sioux Anonymous
The Red Man's Last Roll-Call by Charles M. Harvey
The Dime Novel in American Life by Charles M. Harvey
Gray Wolf's Daughter by Hinook-Mahiwi-Kilinaka (Angel de Cora)
Nedawi by Suzette La Flesche (Bright Eyes)
The Story of a Vision by Francis La Flesche
An Indian Allotment by Francis La Flesche
Omaha, the Prairie City by William R. Light
The New Indian Messiah by Marion P. Maus
Minnehaha by Eva Wilder McGlasson
The Fading of Shadow Flower by John G. Neihardt
The Spirit of Crow Butte by John G. Neihardt
The Smile of God: An Omaha Indian Story by John G. Neihardt
When the Snows Drift by John G. Neihardt
The Last Thunder Song by John G. Neihardt
The End of the Dream by John G. Neihardt
Little Wolf by John G. Neihardt
A Prairie Borgia by John G. Neihardt
The Singing of the Frog by John G. Neihardt
Only the Master Shall Praise by John M. Oskison
Friends of the Indian. by John M. Oskison
Remaining Causes of Indian Discontent by John M. Oskison
When the Grass Grew Long by John M. Oskison
'The Quality of Mercy': A Story of the Indian Territory by John M. Oskison
The Problem of Old Harjo by John M. Oskison
The Last Protest: A Story of Montana by Henry Oyen
An Indian on the Problems of His Race by Simon Pokagon
Indian Superstitions and Legends by Simon Pokagon
The Future of the Red Man by Simon Pokagon
The North American Indian--The Disappearance of the Race A Popular Fallacy by J. Worden Pope, U.S. Army
The Pueblo of Acoma by Clarence Pullen
The Art of War and Newspaper Men by Frederic Remington
The Sun-Dance of the Sioux by Frederick Schwatka
Naming the Indians by Frank Terry, Superintendent of U. S. Boarding School for Crow Indians, Montana
Life at an Indian Agency by Rufus F. Zogbaum
The above articles are provided by The Modern English Collection at the Electronic Text Center, University of Virginia
A collection of translated Innu stories and other cultural information
White Buffalo Calf Woman Brings The First Pipe As told by: Joseph Chasing Horse

Scholarly Articles & Document Archives

Distant Relations, Chicano, Irish and Mexican Art. Critical Writing.
How Inuit find their way in the trackless Arctic, By David F. Pelly
Towards A Holotropic Pedagogy: A Metaphor For Cross-Cultural Communication, Jeannette Armstrong's Slash and Native Education in Canada by Robert Luke
An excerpt from Eagle Down is Our Law: Witsuwit'en Law, Feasts, and Land Claims by Antonia Mills
The Eleuterio Escobar Collection, primary source materials which document the struggle of Mexican Americans to obtain educational equality.
Review of Forked Tongues: Speech, Writing & Representation in North American Indian Texts
by David Murray by M.E. Sokolik in PostModern Culture
"The Only Good Indian is a Dead Indian"
 History and Meaning of a Proverbial Stereotype by Wolfgang Mieder in De Proverbio An Electronic Journal of International Proverb Studies
Proverbs and prejudice: El Indio In Hispanic Proverbial Speech, Shirley L. Arora
in De Proverbio An Electronic Journal of International Proverb Studies
La Identidad Édentidad en el Refranero Mexicano Herón Pérez Martínez in De Proverbio An Electronic Journal of International Proverb Studies

Speeches and Interviews

The Indigenous Women's Network Our Future, Our Responsibility
 Winona LaDuke
An Interview with Leslie Marmon Silko
by Thomas Irmer (Alt-X Berlin/Leipzig correspondent)

Part 2
Chiapas: Latin America's First Post-Communist Rebellion
a New Perspectives Quarterly (NPQ) interview with Carlos Fuentes, Spring 1994

Newspaper Articles and Journalism

More Love Medicine An article on Louise Erdrich in the online edition of the Minnesota Daily
Louise Erdrich interview in Salon
The Native American Journalists Association with
The Native Voice, A newspaper created by student and professional journalists onsite at the 11th Annual Convention of the Native American Journalists Association in Bismarck, North Dakota, May 24-28, 1995
Return of the Natives:
An eight-part series from The Hartford Courant
Stumbling Along the Walk for Justice: Free Peltier! By Ciara Torres
Hold Your Tongue by Alicia Moretti and
Another Broken Promise: Budget Cuts and Native American Health By Ciara Torres
Unfit to Print? Selective American Reporting on Guatemalan Atrocities By Carl Elkin
from Perspective, Harvard-Radcliffe's Liberal Monthly.
A Tucson Weekly story on The O'odham saguaro harvest.
An Albuquerque Weekly Alibi story: A Road Runs through It on Petroglyph National Monument, its importance to the Pueblo Indians and plans to run a major highway through the park.
A Phoenix New Times story: Part 1: Dark Days on Black Mesa

And Part 2: People Betrayed
Onipa`a: Hawai'ian Sovereignty BBS by David Hakala, in Boardwatch Magazine.
From the High Country News
Native American category index plus these other articles:
Making a mountain into a starbase: The long, bitter battle over Mount Graham by John Dougherty

No room for 'pseudo-Indian charlatans'
Wyoming tribes get support to keep a river wet by Tom Reed
Flip-flop on storing nuclear waste shakes up tribe by Tony Davis
on the Mescalero Apache Reservation
An urban park is surrounded by controversy by Ruth Haas
on Petroglyph National Monument
Horses, bikes push into petroglyph park by Tony Davis
Sunbelt confrontation: Will Albuquerque roll over its past to reach its future? by Tony Davis
Petroglyphs have drawn fire for decades
Devils Tower may get a second name
Climbers bedevil tower
Wyoming climbers win equal footing Medicine Wheel remains unprotected
Walking to the Wheel