Native American Culture
A Line In The Sand A Web server devoted to issues of Cultural Property and Cultural Sensitivity
American Indian Movement This site offers some historical information in an understandable and often quite biased way.
Arctic Circle "The Arctic Circle is commonly associated with the 66th parallel - a geographic ring crowning the globe. A broader definition includes the Arctic and Subarctic regions of Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Scandinavia, Siberia and the Russian Far East."
Assembly of First Nations National Indian Brotherhood, Canada
Center For World Indigenous Studies  
Chaco Anasazi Roadway Discussion about Native American's spiritual pathways. This is an extremely interesting site but it takes some time to go through it.
First Nations Confederacy of Cultural Education Centres "The Manitoba Indian Cultural Education Centre is a provincial, not-for-profit charitable educational entity which has as its goal the promoting of awareness and understanding of First  Nations culture to individuals and groups within Manitoba. The Centre's main obligation is to  provide services to the First Nation population, but understands that non-Aboriginal members of society also have to learn about the First Nation culture before First Nations culture can be fully appreciated."
Hovenweep National Monument This is a well laid out site giving good historical information on the Anasazi Indian culture.
Inter-Tribal Council of Nevada "Information on the 26 Tribes and Community Organizations that serve Indian People living in Nevada and the Great Basin Region."
Native American Documents This Native American page is a good site to get historical information, especially about the numerous treaties made and broken by the US government.
Native American tribes of North Carolina  
Native American tribes of South Carolina "That's a simple, yet powerful, statement. Any physician will tell you that attitude can be everything in helping a patient to get better, or at least to be more comfortable. Not all ailments can be cured, but most can at least be made easier to endure. With those thoughts in mind I'd like to share with you some bits and beliefs from the depths of our history."
Native Religions of Newfoundland and Labrador  
National Association of Friendship Centres "To improve the quality of life for Aboriginal peoples in an urban environment by supporting self-determined activities which encourage equal access to, and participation in, Canadian Society; and which respect and strengthen the increasing emphasis on Aboriginal cultural distinctiveness."
National Indian Festival Association  
National Indian Policy Center "The National Indian Policy Center (NIPC), affiliated with George Washington University, has been serving as an information clearinghouse service on Native American policy issues since 1990. The NIPC was established and funded by passage of Public Law 101-301 as a research center after a year of consultation with American Indian and Alaskan Native tribes and individuals. The NIPC is committed to gathering, analyzing, and disseminating information on substantive Indian policy issues affecting Indian country. Seven task groups have been formed to look at education, tribal governance, natural resource management, health, cultural right and resources, law, and economic development."
Power of Culture "The Power of Culture: Teaching Across Language Difference examines the pedagogical and political supports necessary to give language minority students a high-quality education in mainstream classrooms."
Rainbow Family "When the earth is ravaged and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come unto the earth from many colors, classes, creeds, and who by their actions and deeds shall make the earth green again. They will be known as the warriors of the Rainbow -- Old Native American Prophecy"
SAIIC "The South and Meso American Indian Rights Center (SAIIC) exists to ensure that the struggles of Latin America's Indigenous peoples for self- determination and respect are heard in the US and internationally, and to support Indigenous peoples' organizing."
Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Centre "The Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Centre is mandated by the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations to promote and enhance the cultural values and traditions of the First Nations of Saskatchewan therefore, it has played a key role in preserving Saskatchewan's First Nations heritage and fostering cultural awareness and cross cultural understanding in Saskatchewan, Canada, and internationally for the last 30 years."
Village of First Nations  
Vision Quest Many people have wondered about the Native American "vision quest", now learn about it from the book about the Sioux Nation. This is excellent information from the book about the Sioux Nation.
Tribal Communities in the Bristol Bay Region, Alaska "Bristol Bay Native Corporation (BBNC), through its subsidiary Bristol Environmental and Engineering Services Corporation (BEESC), will assess renewable energy opportunities within the BBNC region of southwest Alaska. The goals of this initiative are to encourage tribal self-sufficiency, create jobs, improve environmental quality, and help make our nation more secure through the development of clean, affordable, and reliable renewable energy technologies."
Woodland Cultural Center