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Astrology Chart Most on the stuff on this site cost money but you can also get some free readings.
Action Agency new age gift ideas
Big Dreams (an exploration of the inner child) "The Pixies present their own special view of the structure of the human personality in a version of their idea that we are in fact multi-faceted multi-personalities. The following tapes will help you explore the notion of your inner personalities and how they work plus give you some insight on Ego and what to do about it."
Body-Mind QueenDom "105 professionally developed and validated psychological tests, 111 Just-for-Fun tests, 230 mind games and quizzes ... Queendom has it all! A pioneer and leader in online testing, Queendom has served more than 300 million tests in nine different languages to help you grow, jump-start your career and improve your relationships."
BrainSync "Brain sync is the audio technology most often recommended by physicians and psychologists throughout the world."
Braintainment Center mind, iq, brain
Cognitive Enhancement Inst.

"Welcome to the CERI web site. We have several hundred files linked to this site. These files are organized into seven menus, each of which can be accessed by clicking on a yellow diamond (the bullets to the left of text descriptions) or an underlined and/or highlighted piece of text. To return to this home page, click on the return-to-CERI-home-page option at the bottom of each menu, or at the top of each web page or use the back button on your web browser program."

Consciousness Research "CRL focuses on controlled, laboratory studies of mind-matter interaction phenomena, distant healing, clairvoyance and precognition.  We have also investigated reportedly haunted sites, persons who claim exceptional psychic abilities, and possible psi-related factors associated with casino and state lottery payouts."
Fragrant At Demon  guide to Aromatherapy
HYPNOTICA self hypnosis
I-Ching  "Legend has it that in or around 1042 BCE Wn, king of the Chou, invented the sixty-four Hexagrams and their names. He is said to have done this while languishing in prison at the hands of Chou Hsin, who was king of the Shang. It probably happened like this. To save himself, Wn used his I Ching to entertain Chou Hsin and his court. While telling his stories he drew illustrations to help everyone remember the points he wanted to make - to explain omens and to offer bits of wisdom and advice. Chou Hsin was so impressed that he eventually released Wn and even gave him his daughter's hand in marriage."
INTERLUDE  a peaceful rest stop on the Internet
IQ Testing On Line iq, brain, mind
Jesse's Word of the Day  increase your word power
Mind Games 

"Do you want to exercise your brain, flex your mental muscle, and stretch your mind? MindGames is full of boggling brainteasers, quizzes, memory games and interactive puzzles; all you need to keep your thinker in mint condition."

Mind Gear mind enhancement tools 
Mind Hot Lists lots of links
Mind and Body health, mind, meditate, yoga, psychology 
Odyssey of the Mind "The Odyssey of the Mind School Program fosters creative thinking and problem-solving skills among participating students from kindergarten through college. It features an annual competition component at local through international levels."
Oracle Festival photos of the Oracle Festival 
Out of Body Experience mind, consciousness
Personality Test on-line testing
Primal Psychotherapy Page "Primal Therapy was discovered by Arthur Janov, Ph.D., in the late 1960s. (Did Janov Really Discover Primal Therapy?) With E. Michael Holden, M.D., a neurologist and at that time, medical director of the Primal Institute, Dr. Janov formulated a rich body of knowledge relating to why and how primal therapy works (See the bibliography reference below for a listing of Dr. Janov's writings)."
Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research "The Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) program was established at Princeton University in 1979 by Robert G. Jahn, then Dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Science, to pursue rigorous scientific study of the interaction of human consciousness with sensitive physical devices, systems, and processes common to contemporary engineering practice."
Psychological Test  personality test on line 
Red Rose Garden new age site features writings and forums
Self-Help & Psychology Magazine articles about self-help
Think Your Way to Better Life  psyche yourself out
Vital Energy Home Page, The "Bio-Energy Therapy is an holistic treatment which considers mind, body and spirit as an integrated whole, and does not consider that they can be treated as separate. Bio-energy works to rebalance any disharmony between mind and body by restoring the balance within the human energy field."
Webring of Psychological Testing many psychological testing sites interconnected