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Bringing the Wildman Back Home: Television and the Politics of Masculinity Charmaine McEachern. Published in Continuum: the Australian Journal of Media and Culture 7(2) 1994. "The deepening academic debates about the construction of masculinity in the eighties and nineties (For example Brod; Carrigan, Connell, and Lee; Clatterbaugh; Connell; Hearn; Kaufman; Pleck) have been accompanied by a similar concern in popular culture. In turn, this public contestation and negotiation over masculinity has fed into academic discourses and debates. In Australia this double movement has been dominated by popular culture products from abroad."
Cyborgasm: Machines and male hysteria in the cinema of the eighties Published in the Journal of Interdisciplinary Gender Studies 1(2) September 1996:139-46, by Marj Kibby. "In the films of the eighties the figure of the cyborg combines violence and loss of self in an hysterical response to the impact of technological development and rapid social change on masculinity and patriarchy. Many of the popular films of the eighties reflect a nervousness in the face of advanced technology, depicting a contested space between the humun and the technological. An anxiety about the nature of masculinity within a technological environment combines with the fears of a patriarchy in decline in film narratives that play out the reconciliation of hegemonic masculinity and the restoration of patriarchal capitalism."
Fatherhood and Fatherlessness  
Fathering Magazine Infomation on the joy and importance of fathering, the classical fathering, and women who rape are among the topics that can be found at this site.
Male Gender Bias Test "Feminists have long complained that ..." and Fred has all the answers from a male's point of view. Take this test to determine how gender biased you are. Also, realize that this is not a scientific study!
Masculinity and Representation "Men and Masculinities is a refereed print journal publishing the most recent gender studies research on men and masculinities."
Masculinity in American Culture "This site was created for a graduate seminar in American Studies, Masculinity in American culture, which was taught during fall, 1995. It dealt with various representations and articulations of masculinity in American culture. It will be maintained as a site focusing on the academic study of masculinity and American male cultures."
Masculinity in and Advertising "In its study of masculinity and sports media, the research group Children Now found that most commercials directed to male viewers tend to air during sports programming. Women rarely appear in these commercials, and when they do, they’re generally portrayed in stereotypical ways."
Men and Abuse, Rape  
Men Against Racism & Sexism (MARS) A pro-feminist, anti-prejudice organization from Austin (Texas, USA). What white people can do to end racism, and concrete ways to end sexism as men.
Men's Issues Page A hierarchical (of course, it's a guy thing) topical index which includes books; domestic violence (battered men); false rape, abuse & molest (of adults and children), fatherhood and fatherlessness, physical and mental health, periodicals of the men's movement; rape, violence and abuse; single dad index (child support, paternity, visitation & access, custody, missing kids, divorce, alimony).
Men's Movement History  
MensNet Home page of the MNC (Men's Network for Change), Canada's only coast-to-coast pro-feminist, gay affirmative, anti-racist, male positive network. MNC is committed to working against sexism and patriarchy in Canadian society. "Men working in a great variety of ways against sexism, patriarchy and homophobia, and are opposed to the many forms of violence in our world."
Possible Discussion Topics for Men's Groups "Maybe, just maybe, something in the list will spark somebody to write down something he'd always meant to say, and send it in to mail-men". Editor: David R. Throop
Searching for the New Boy A thesis article by Dabid Schwindton masculinity in television commercials. "The focus in this study is the media portrayal of male characters and the effects of such portrayals on the development of male children. The existing literature on television and gender has to date largely focused on the impact of media sexism on female development (Signorielli, 1993). Overlooked in these studies is the construction of masculinity found on television, and its possible influence on the gender role development of male children (Craig, 1992). A focus on media portrayals of masculinity in television commercials and the possible impact of such portrayals on the gender role development of young boys would seem to be relevant to efforts to identify and encourage the development of more flexible, and egalitarian gender roles both amongst children and in later adulthood."
Sexual Harassment Issues This is a group of links from the World Wide Web Virtual Library.
What are Mens Issues? David R. T. Throop is responding to this question: "I am afraid that I am new to men's issues and have no idea what these folks are talking about when they talk about men's issues. Is there anyone out there that can help?" In reading the answer(s) it's good to keep in mind that there isn't a single men's movement today. In the US, there are at least five, and they don't all talk to each other. Let me tell you about them, and the issues they focus on"