Mass Media and It's Effects on Society

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 Advertising & Children
A summary of the way advertising has a direct effect on children. This site looks into how advertising targets, effects, and forms the lives of our future leaders. Why are the children targeted and are the effects of advertising on them damaging? These are some of the questions posed through this study.

Bandura's Social Learning Theory

A paper analyzing the correlation between Bandura's study on social learning and the "effects" of mass media. This leads to subsequent research studying the impact of television violence on children. This paper, basically, states that the definition of the social learning theory, applied to mass communication, is rather simple: aggressive behavior is learned through observation and modeling.
Children and Media A web site discussing the social and psychological uses and effects of mass media. The course mainly focuses on theories and research behind children's television. Some other topics covered are children' programs; race, gender, and stereotypes in mass media; and advertising & children.

Communications, Drama, and Journalism

A course designed for students studying advertising. Courses include Principles of Persuasion, Mass Media Effects and Ethics, and broadcast options. This site helps students learn the impact of media advertising upon our population and prepares them for future studies.
Effects of Mass Communication
This web site discusses how mass media effects society on a number of levels from small groups all the way to whole societies. A major example used in this paper is the "War of the Worlds" broadcast and it's effect on the listening audience. This alone shows the human response to the influence of the mass media. Some effects of mass media can be categorized into four separate groups: cognitive, affective, behavioral, or economic changes.
Effects of Mass Media This site is series of questions that the reader should be able to answer on the role of mass media in society. The site goes on to compare the nightly news to the film "Jurassic Park" and political candidates to corporations such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Mainly this particular site discusses how mass media can change and shape all aspects of our culture.
First Amendment and the Web: The Internet Porn Panic and Restricting Indecency in Cyberspace A site done by Dorothy Imrich Mullin on broad research in mass media effects. Her studies focus on the issues of mass media and law. Also, she focuses her studies on the effects of pornography on men's reaction to women.

Human Sexuality: The Effects of Mass Media

A website prepared for teachers who would care these topics in their classrooms. The issues include how television and magazine influence youngsters. Other topics for classroom discussion are provided. Also, a brief history into the evolution of mankind brings to light another topic of discussion.

Mass Media and School Interventions for Cigarette Smoking Prevention: Effects 2 Years after Completion

An article discussing the intervention of mass media and schools on the topic long-term cigarette smoking prevention. Studies were shown to promote the intervention programs. Links were provided to show other articles on the subject.

Mass Media as an Information Channel and Public Arena

An essay critiquing mass media risk communication. The author discusses the meaning as well as the purpose of risk communication. The essay also states how mass media is a means for political, economic, cultural, & other elite's to inform, educate, and influence the public.
Mass Media Effects Across Cultures A web site dedicated to a volume in a collection on the diverse perspectives of media effects. The volume attempts to give insight into the understanding of cross-cultural media effects. Intended for individuals interested in communications, ethic studies, and race relations, social psychology and sociology.
McLuhan, Media and the Internet Part One: The subliminal effects of Mass Media. This is paper describing how different mediums of communication convey different response. An example used was Sen. McCarthy's attack on traitors through radio broadcast. Public opinion swayed away from McCarthy when his meeting were placed on television instead of on the radio. But, mainly the rest of the page revolves around learning.
Media Awareness Network This is a forum designed to have readers give their insights into a multitude of issues. Readers can even start their own site based on a topic that has not been discussed yet. Links are provided to each web site of each particular topic. Issues ranged from sexism to "South Park."

Media and Modern Politics

A course intended to explore the impact of the mass media, mainly TV, on politics in the US. The course examines the impact of the media on the public. It also examines the impact of the media on the institutions of American government and the way in which they operate.

Media Comparison

An in-depth chart that looks into a variety of media forms such as the yellow pages and newspapers. Also, in the survey, is a listing of audiences that use each medium. Advantages, Disadvantages, Relative costs are also compared.
Relationship Between Exposure to Televised Messages about Paranormal Phenomena and Paranormal Beliefs A paper done by three communications professors at Purdue University. The paper is a continuation of earlier works put together by another group of scholars. It goes into the possible relationship between exposure to media messages and paranormal beliefs. Figures are based upon random-sample surveys that revealed that exposure to particular programs that regularly depict paranormal activity is associated with an increased tendency to endorse paranormal beliefs.
Screen Violence And Its Effects On Society A website dedicated to the casual relationship between media violence and aggression in society. The results of the studies done conclude that the mass media significantly contributes to the aggressive behavior and attitudes of many children, adolescents, and adults. The scientific and public health fields concluded that some of the harmful effects of viewing media violence are learning aggressive attitudes and behaviors, emotional desensitization toward real world violence; and increased fear of being victimized by violence, resulting in self-protective behaviors and mistrust of others.
Taos Talking Pictures This web site talks about a four day forum designed to study the positive and negative effects of print and television media. Those will have the opportunity to participate in workshops and open discussions. Many filmmakers and film critics will also be attendance.