The Mafia and Other Organized Crime Groups

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Gangland News The best we page on the net so far about the mafia. Has pictures of mafia member, "Wise Guys" that you can click on to read about their lives and what they did. "Jerry Capeci, America's foremost expert on organized crime, often appears on network and cable TV news programs in the U.S. and Canada. During the past ten years, Jerry has written numerous articles about organized crime for many magazines and newspapers around the world. Jerry has also co-authored three books about the Mafia and for six years wrote a weekly column for The New York Daily News called 'Gang Land'."
History of the Yakuza "The yakuza can trace its origins back to as early as 1612, when people known as kabuki-mono ("crazy ones"), began to attract the attention of local officials. Their odd clothing and haircuts and behavior, along with carrying long swords at their sides, made them quite noticeable. Kabuki-mono made a habit of antagonizing and terrorizing anyone at their leisure, even to the point of cutting one down just for sheer pleasure."
INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZED CRIMINAL ENTERPRISES "The following information illustrates the FBI's current investigative efforts to dismantle IOCEs that pose the most significant threat to the United States in terms of illegal activities, including drug trafficking and money laundering."
John Gotti  This site tells what he did, those who convicted him and other interesting bits of trivia. It also gives a regular update of his situation.
Mafia Cities "This site contains information about the Mafia. It focuses on La Cosa Nostra, which is the Italian and Sicilian mafia. There is a page for each city that is known to currently have, or previously have had a chapter of La Cosa Nostra. You can get info on the bosses in every place from New York City to the small time LCN outfit in Rockford, Illinois."
Mafia Homepage "The Honored society, or Mafia, as it was less often called, was a vast criminal brotherhood that developed in Palermo and western Sicily. It rose as a reaction to centuries of misrule. What distinguished the Mafia from similar groups was the pace at which it prospered and took over Sicilian society."
Organized Crime Registry This is a lengthy list of links about serious crimes committed by, and links to the mafia.
"Successful" Mobsters This site has a list of several "successful" mobster's. You can click on a mobster such as Don Claogero Vizzini, Salvatore Lucania, Vito Genovese, etc., and get linked to more information about them
Yakuza: The Japanese Mafia "Most of the information obtained for this article comes from a former member of the yakuza. He was eighteen years old when he entered one of the biggest yakuza societies in Kobe. He retired fifteen years later, when he was thirty three years old, because he realized how much his occupation was hurting his children. One day, his daughter was given an assignment to write about her father's occupation. When she asked him, he could not tell her that he was the member of the yakuza, so he lied to her. He felt much shame about what he was doing. Finally, he decided to retire from the yakuza. Most of the stories in this article are from his experiences during those fifteen years." "The yakuza is an all men's society. They do not trust women. The only visible woman in the group is the boss' wife, called ane-san. Ane-san means "older sister." All members give her the same respect as the boss because she is his wife. However, she does not get involved in the business. Her position in the group is the boss' wife, and not a member of a group."