Law Enforcement

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Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) This is the home page of the CIA in the US.
CopNet This site is associated with the TV show but does offer an excellent list of links to a variety of law enforcement sites.
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) This site offers a variety of links to other good sites and an excellent body of crime statistics. There's also information on the "most wanted list", careers, and a "kids and teens" information page.
Law Enforcement Sites on the Web This is like a bulletin board for police officers. It is national in aspect and gives you a fe for those things of interest to police officers. The posts range from thank you notes to requests for aid.
International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP)  IACP is guided by an advisory board of 52 police executives representing international, federal, state and local law enforcement agencies. This group provides policy direction to the professional staff and the association's diverse working groups, divisions, committees, and sections comprised of the heads of law enforcement agencies from throughout the world. The groups address contemporary issues facing law enforcement. 
Police Guide One of the largest polices sites on the Internet. This site has job openings, guides to law officers of the old west (including a semi-nude of Mrs. Wyatt Earp [Josephine]), FOP information, and museum guides.
Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) "The RCMP works with communities to ensure the safety of all Canadians. It enforces federal laws, provides contract policing to most provinces, many municipalities and First Nations communities. The RCMP participates in peacekeeping efforts and supplies world-leading expertise in areas like forensics and criminal intelligence to Canadian and international police."
United Nations Criminal Justice
Information Network
"Our mission is to provide technical support and services to the United Nations Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Programme Institutes and assist them in building capacity for global information exchange via electronic networks."
Usenet: This is the usenet group for people interested in law enforcement.