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All Politics Politics, news, and political analysis offered to anyone who will read it.
Annoy Home Page This is meant to give information to disturb citizens.
CapWeb This Citizen's Guide to the US Congress promotes positive information about Congress.
CDC Home Travel Information Page The Center for Disease Control lists many things you need to know before leaving the US. There is also considerable information on outbreaks of disease.
Chernobyl: A Nuclear Disaster "The explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power station on Saturday, April 26, 1986, was undoubtedly the world's greatest nuclear accident. While only about 3% of the reactor core escaped, it was enough to kill those near it, and damage food and crops worldwide." This is a history, including world and local effects of this disaster.
Constitution of the United States of America This is an an analysis and interpretation.
Constitution Society Home Page This site offers research and public education about the constitution.
Department of Commerce Economy, research, and other information from the US government. 
Dept. of Health & Human Services Information from this government agency about health and research.
Fed World US government sponsored clearinghouse of federal information.
Federal Information Exchange There are many links to government sources here.
Freedom of Information Page This site tells you how to get information from the government.
Library of Congress The L of C has just about everything from the Congressional Record to Walt Whitman's long lost notebook. 
Military Spending Briefing Book Find out how much we spend on the military.
NASA Homepage Space science information from NASA.
NASA Dryden Flight Research Center You'll find flight research and flight testing information here.
National Archives Information about getting genealogical information through various agencies.
National Security Archive Home Page This is the declassified file and database collection.
NATO Official Homepage Here you'll find the history and other information about NATO.
Resources Clearinghouse You can find out what steps are being taken for computer security.
SINN FEIN HOME PAGE This is Ireland's oldest political party.
Small Business Administration Lists to locations and numbers of local offices and updates on current  SBA regulations are available here.
United Nations U. N. research and information.
US Agency of International Aid Find out how much we give in foreign aid.
US Census Page An On-line databases highlights this well run Web site.
US Department of Education You can get a National Education Guide, facilities information, and online support.
US Gazetteer Census information available to all.
US Geological Survey Here's another federal agency on the web.
US Treasury Dept. You can find out who's who, and about services and bureaus.
Welcome To The White House Information about the White House is available here but it is mostly historical.