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A Mini-History of the Corset "In the 1830's, the corset was thought of as a medical necessity. It was believed that a woman was very fragile, and needed assistance from some form of stay to hold her up. Even girls as young as three or four, and probably directed by the best motives, were laced up into bodices. Gradually these garments were lengthened and tightened. By the time they were teenagers, the girls were unable to sit or stand for any length of time without the aid of a heavy canvas corset reinforced with whale bone or steel. The corset deformed the internal organs making it impossible to draw deep breath, in or out of a corset. Because of this, Victorian women were always fainting and getting the vapors."
Angel of Fashion This is a group of links related to fashion.
Fashion Australia  
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Fashion Internet Encompasses every conceivable consumer wish-list of men's and women's wear wants from a fashion magazine. Actual information on the latest shows and with a great design.
Fashion Live Yves Saint Laurent was the first designer to present his haute couture collection (Fall/Winter 96/97) on the Internet. On the 10th of July, as Claudia Schieffer and her supermodel mates walked down the catwalk, the whole thing was broadcast live over the Internet in an inch square box. You can watch replays of the catwalk show or see the whole collection as a sequence of slides.
Fashion Net They bill themselves as "Your guide to fashion on the net".
Fashionweb This is another grouping of links to sites about fashion.
First View A catalogue of the latest collections. Almost complete collections of leading European and American designers.
Fashion Page
FashionUK An UK webzine with news, articles and background information. Produced by Wide Media Ltd. Editor: Marian Buckley.
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FeMiNa This deals with site for, by, and about women.
First View A catalogue of the latest collections. Almost complete collections of leading European and American designers.
Hypermode This one takes a very long time to load! "I launched Hypermode almost four years ago. At the time, no one in the fashion industry even knew what
the Internet was. Fortunately, a few designers and model agents nonetheless believed in me, and with several friends (who all worked for free,) I was able to achieve my goal of creating the first Web site of
original fashion editorials."
Look On-line An insiders' look at the world of American fashion, with articles, profiles, schedules, runway photos and more. "Top New York fashion editors are not "rocket scientists." The difference between your fashion IQ and that of "Anna" is not the number of "little grey cells" you have, but it is the timely access she has to information that gives her the "inside track".
Lumière A real fashion webzine from the USA. Also contains news from the European fashion scene. "Clothing combinations on these streets have no
boundaries, everybody knows that, but as for New York department stores, the latest swimsuit designs and upcoming summer accessories being merchandised are clearly defining target markets and society classes."
N-Touch A fashion & style magazine, produced by the journalists and stylists of the future: students on the B.A. Fashion Promotion course at the London College of Fashion.
Textilia The biggest Dutch fashion magazine for professionals. Provides a weekly selection of articles and an archive.