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Family Relations Information about families, including marriage & dating, parenting, grandparents, and family problems like alcoholism, child abuse, and family violence.
Family Science Network Mailing list for family sociologists and therapists. Send messages: "SUB FAMYLYSCI <your_name>.
Family Sociology Resources Resources for family researchers, on family violence, and for families. This comes from the University of Colorado at Denver Department of Sociology.
Kinship and Social Organization - An Interactive Tutorial "Over the past several years, the construction and interpretation of ethnographic texts have received a good deal of critical attention. Among other problems, the linear sequencing of cultural representations imposes limitations on the translation of multifaceted meaning systems and on the presentation of data from a variety of interpretive perspectives. The emergence of computer mediated authoring systems, and especially of hypertext, has introduced a means of freeing description and analysis from the narrow strictures of the printed page and offers many new modes of ethnographic writing, which we are only beginning to explore. This presentation focuses on the basic and relatively modest task of applying hypertext design principles to kinship instruction in a World Wide Web based tutorial."
Kinship Terminology A hypertext guide to the systems used for classifying kinship and descent for groups such as the Iroquois, Hawaiian or Sudanese. Includes diagrams.
Real Solutions for Families & Communities Helps people through transitions caused by violence, divorce, mental illness and substance abuse. "We provide a safe place where families come together to resolve their conflicts for the sake of the children. We teach children how to bounce back from the trauma of family crisis. We help parents find the information and support they need to take care of themselves and protect the children from adult conflicts and problems. Family problems include: custody/visitation disputes; domestic violence; child abuse; and parental substance abuse or mental illness. We are committed to reducing harm to self and others in this generation and the next."
Sociology of the Family A guide to family relations as assumed most basic and fundamental building block for any society, and families as the key shock-absorbers of social change. This information comes from a "Marriage and Family" course at Trinity University in Texas.