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Artists Against Racism

"We are all one People. With different Faces. From different Places. But we are all one people".
Asia-Pacific Migration Network This network is the organizational structure for a project adopted by UNESCO as one of its major regional activities under its Management of Social Transformation (MOST) program. The central focus of this proposal is the long-term role of migration and increased ethno-cultural diversity as major factors in the social transformation of the societies of the Asia-Pacific region. The aim is to build an international research network which will carry out interdisciplinary research on social and political aspects of international migration and growing ethno-cultural diversity in the region.
Centre for Refugee Studies Focuses on theoretical and institutional research on refugee law, development, displacement and repatriation, resettlement, prevention and gender.
Center for Immigration Research The focus for this website is on the consequences of current immigration trends in the US. They hope to gather information to help decision making concerning international and national immigration policies. They also hope to disseminate information to local institutions, organizations and policy-makers involved with the settlement and incorporation of America's "new immigrants" into their communities.
Centre for Research in International Migration and Ethnic Relations This research program covers international migration, ethnicity, nationalism, xenophobia and racism, ethnic relations, immigration policies and refugee reception models. The living conditions and integration of various immigrant groups are studied in a cross-national comparative perspective.
CRER University of Warwick (UK).  This is the Centre for Research in Ethnic Relations which offers a variety of publications and research information.
Crosspoint Anti-Racism This group tries to list organizations from all over the world, all of them working in the field of Human Rights, anti-racism, refugees, anti-Semitism, women, labor, antifascism etc. Also links to Jewish organizations, migrant organizations and others, all listed by continent and country.
ECERS "The Austrian Forum for Migration Studies (AFM) was established in 1998 as a pilot project of the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD), an inter-governmental organization based in Vienna. Within the pilot phase planned for three years, it is the objective of AFM to further the knowledge on migration, to facilitate co-operation and synergy within the research community and to provide those, who are more practically and politically involved with migration issues, with a broader decision making support."
ERCOMER The European Research Centre on Migration and Ethnic Relations is a multidisciplinary research institute devoted to the specialist study of migration and ethnic relations at a European level. Based at Utrecht University (Netherlands) it brings together researchers with a special interest in these issues, to initiate new projects, to provide advanced training and to promote the dissemination of relevant information and research results. The current research-related staff is 25, drawn from seven member states of the European Union. ERCOMER contains annotated links to over 200 major online resources in the field; full online keyword searching of resource descriptions.
Ethnic and Racial Minorities ASA page on racial and ethnic minorities.
Ethnic Studies at USC "Created in 1995 by librarian Dennis Thomison, the Ethnic Studies web site is maintained by the Doheny Reference Center at the University of Southern California to provide access to research resources available
through the Internet based on a global perspective of ethnicity and migration issues."
Ethnicity, Racism and the Media This group utilizes the new information technology of E-mail and the World Wide Web to provide a global forum and focus for discussion, information dissemination and research collaboration on issues of racism, ethnicity and the media.
European Research Centre on Migration and Ethnic Relations, The This is a multidisciplinary research institute devoted to the specialist study of migration and ethnic relations in Europe. It's plan is to bring together researchers with a special interest in these issues, to initiate new projects, to provide advanced training and to promote the dissemination of relevant information and research results.
Gender & Ethnicity Resources from the Univ. of Southern California (USA)
Immigration (Community) Resources from Galaxy.
Immigration History Research Center This international resource on American immigration and ethnic history maintains archival and library collections, sponsors academic and public programs, and publishes bibliographic and scholarly works.
Immigration Superhighway  
Integrating the East: The Labor Market Effects of Immigration A CEPR discussion paper that evaluates the potential gains from labor immigration for the European Union. After a review of the East-West migration problem and recent western migration policies, governmentally controlled labor immigration is studied in a framework with unions, unemployment and heterogenous workers.
International Center for Migration, Ethnicity and Citizenship This site, sponsored by the New School for Social Research in New York City, presents scholarly research and public policy analysis bearing on international migration, refugees, and the incorporation of newcomers in host countries.
Migration and Ethnic Relations This site provides access to many online resources on migration and ethnic relations. The index to online resources is clearly structured in categories.
Migration News A monthly summary of migration and immigration developments arranged by region (North America, Europe, Asia, and other). You can also get this information by a free e-mail subscription. Presented by: University of California, Davis (USA).
Migration Research Unit The MRU focuses its research on: labor migration; statistics, sources and information systems; analysis of trends and processes of international migration in Europe; and international migration.
New Community Journal of the European Research Centre on Migration and Ethnic Relations. Contents and abstracts of latest issues.
Race & Ethnicity This annotated list of resources on race and ethnicity comes from the American Studies Web. It offers categories on: African American Studies, Asian American Studies, Native American Studies, Latino and Chicano Studies, Other Race and Ethnic Resources.
Refugees International (RI) Provides early warning in crises of mass exodus. It seeks to serve as the advocate of the unrepresented -- the refugee. The organization mixes quiet diplomacy and the power of the press to mobilize governments and engage the UN. Their on-the-ground emergency assessment paves the way for relief agencies and human rights organizations to step in with life saving measures. From: Washington D.C., USA.
Rural Migration News Summarizes the most important immigration and integration developments affecting residents of cities and towns in the agricultural areas of California and rural areas throughout the United States. Topics are grouped by category: Rural Communities, Farm Workers, Immigration, Other, and Resources." Subscriptions are also available by (free) e-mail subscription. Presented by: University of California, Davis (USA).
Scalabrini Migration Center A non-profit research institute is dedicated to encourage and facilitate the study of socio-demographic, economic, political, psychological, historical, legislative and religious aspects of human migration and refugee movements from and within Asia.
Searchlight The aim of Searchlight is to combat racism, neo-nazism, fascism and all forms of prejudice. It's a non-sectarian organization in political, ethnic and religious terms. It believes in achieving the broadest possible unity in the fight against racism, neo-nazism, fascism and prejudice.
U.S. Immigration Resources Presented by The Contact Center Network (CCN), a New York-based nonprofit organization founded in 1994 to help people take action on the issues that concern them, in a spirit of generosity and mutual respect.