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Amazing Environmental Organization Web Directory A collection of - mainly US - links to a wide variety of environmental-related sites including agriculture, transportation, sustainable development and science. The database is browsable and searchable.
Canadian Environment  "The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency assumes a leadership role at the federal level in advocating high quality assessments. It works on the leading edge of EA by investing in research and development, especially in what constitutes high-quality EA, and how best to carry it out in practice."

Center for Economic and Social Studies on the Environment (CESSE)

This site contains research on sustainable development indicators, socio-economic aspects of the environment, and related information systems.
Central European Environmental Data Request Facility (CEDAR) CEDAR provides computing and Inte-rnetwork facilities to support international data exchange with the Central and Eastern European environmental community.
Climate Change Campaign "WWF has led international efforts to conserve nature and protect the diversity of life on Earth for nearly 40 years. Global warming and climate change pose a serious new threat to the survival of many species and to the well-being of people around the world."
CNN Interactive Report-Global Warming Carbon dioxide and other pollutants are believed to contribute to global warming, but the debate has already raised the political temperature in Washington.  Administration sources tell CNN Clinton will pledge that the U.S. will return emissions of carbon dioxide and other pollutants to their 1990 level by about 2010. His new proposal, sources say, is for a staggered process that will level out between 2008 and 2010.
CNN on Electric Cars WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Researchers have developed a chemical process using gasoline that could lead to fuel-efficient and virtually pollution-free electric cars that don't need bulky batteries and can refuel at conventional gas stations.  In a news briefing Tuesday, Energy Department Secretary Federico Pena called new technology -- a fuel cell operating on gasoline -- "real evidence of President Clinton's belief that we can develop new, clean technologies that help our economy and our environment at the same time."
CNN on Global Warming Carbon dioxide and other pollutants are believed to contribute to global warming, but the debate has already raised the political temperature in Washington.  Administration sources tell CNN Clinton will pledge that the U.S. will return emissions of carbon dioxide and other pollutants to their 1990 level by about 2010. His new proposal, sources say, is for a staggered process that will level out between 2008 and 2010.
CoVis Interschool Activities CoVis Interschool Activities (CIAs) were projects with activities previously coordinated and supported by the Northwestern CoVis Team. A version of these projects could have been successfully accomplished in a stand-alone classroom. This site lets you choose some Greenhouse Effects issues.  You can do it annually or monthly.
Cornell University Center for the Environment "The Cornell Center for the Environment (CfE) is committed to research, teaching, and outreach focused on environmental issues, with the goals of enhancing the quality of life, encouraging economic vitality, and promoting the conservation of natural resources for a sustainable future."

Duwamish Coalition -Land

This site is dedicated to preserving and reclaim industrial land goals.  A group of people are helping to clean up areas contaminated with petroleum.
Duwamish Coalition - Water This site talks about the same group trying to minimize and control harmful discharge into the Duwamish River while facilitating industrial development and to prevent loss of fish habitat while facilitating industrial development.
Duwamish Coalition - Regulation o achieve consistency of regulation and reduce compliance burdens while protecting natural resources, and preserving health and safety.  To expedite development permit review.  To review zoning to insure uses are maximized and non-supporting uses are minimized.
Earth Observing System (EOS) The corner stone of NASA's Mission to Planet Earth (MtPE) program and an integral part of the U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP). NASA's Mission to Planet Earth uses space- and ground-based measurement systems to provide the scientific basis for understanding global change. EOS, Earth Probe, Pathfinder, and related data products will be available at the Earth Observing System Data Information System (EOSDIS) Distributed Active Archive Centers (DAACs).
Earth Times Daily news and views on environment and development.
EarthWatch An international nonprofit organization which supports scientific field research worldwide through its volunteers and scientists working together to improve our understanding of the planet. It's mission is to build a sustainable world through an active partnership between scientist and citizen. Through public participation in field research, Earthwatch helps scientists gather data and communicate information that will empower people and governments to act wisely as global citizens.
Earthweek documenting environmental problems

Ecology Action Center

The Ecology Action Center has been an active advocate, protecting the environment since 1972. The Center's earliest projects included recycling, composting, and energy conservation, and these are now widely recognized environmental issues.
EcoMall - Activism Ecological activism and a place to buy ecological friendly products.
EcoNet EcoNet serves organizations and individuals working for environmental preservation and sustainability. It builds coalitions and partnerships with individuals, activist organizations and non-profit organizations to develop their use of the electronic communications medium.
Economy and the Environment (EPASEAL) This program carries out research and analyses of the interactions between the economy and environmental pollution control as well as other aspects of environmental economics. This includes determining the economic benefits and costs of pollution control, the use of economic incentives for pollution control, and the size, composition, and impacts of the pollution control industry.
Electric Green Journal The Electronic Green Journal, published by the University of Idaho Library, is a professional, refereed publication devoted to disseminating information concerning sources on international environmental topics including: assessment, conservation, development, disposal, education, hazards, pollution, resources, technology, and treatment. We are academically sponsored; our focus, however, is to publish articles, bibliographies, reviews, and announcements for the educated generalist as well as the specialist. We welcome original contributions from authors on any of the above topics.
Endangered Species This site gives information about endangered species - fact sheets, images, policy, and legislation.
Energie en Milieu activiteiten in Nederland en Wereldwijd Energy and Environmental Activities in the Netherlands and World Wide. Dutch and English version.
Environmental Protection Agency EPA history, future, and current projects are discussed at this website.
Environmental Education Links "EE-Link develops and organizes Internet resources to support, enhance and extend effective environmental education in grades
K-12. The EE-Link project is responsible for development of this website, conducting training workshops, and promoting interaction and exchange among environmental education students, teachers and professionals."
Environmental Education "The Environmental Education Network (EEN) is a collaborative effort among educators, the EnviroLink Network and the environmental community to bring environmental education on-line and into a multimedia format. The EEN will act as the clearinghouse for all environmental education information, materials and ideas on the Internet."
Environmental Guide to the Current Congress Resources on environmental activism, consumers, American Congress. Editor: Bruce Fischer (Clearinghouse Guide)
Environmental Inequality Description of the project that examines environmental inequalities in Santa Clara County, CA (a County that contains both Silicon Valley and San Jose), and a bibliography on environmetal inequality. Editor: Andres Szasz.

Environmental News Network (ENN)

This site provides environmental information and resources. Planet ENN is a free online magazine published weekly, includes articles on wildlife filmmaking, poaching in Russia, and earth-friendly living. The latest environmental news is usually found at ENN Newswire.
Environmental Organizations Index  
Environmental and Societal Impacts Group (ESIG) The National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), in Boulder, CO. runs this multidisciplinary research group. It focuses on the interactions between society and the environment.
Environmental Support Solutions This site is about a company that is trying to make environmentally safe software.  This enables companies to meet regulatory requirements.
Enviro-Online A research tool for those seeking environmental information. This page contains a great variety of links to other environmental websites.
Enviroterm A multilingual environmental terminology database. The data are residing on a relational database and made accessible through a web server at ISEP in Vienna. Currently it contains about 5.500 multilingual entries. It is a communication tool that supports and facilitates precise and efficient communication among everybody concerned with the environment, in particular within the European Information and Observation Network for Environment (EIONET). It is part of the information products by the European Topic Centre for Catalogue of Data Sources (ETC/CDS) (leading organization is the Ministry for the Environment in Lower Saxony in Hanover) in the framework of the European Environment Agency (EEA) in Copenhagen.
European Environment Agency (EEA) The goal of the EEA is to provide the European Union and the Member States with high-quality information for policy-making and assessment of the environment, inform the general public, and to provide scientific and technical support to these ends.
European Environmental Law Homepage Links to European environmental law sites and full text materials on some environmental treaties. Editors: Wybe Douma and Jürgen Lefevere.
Friends of the Earth Friends of the Earth is the largest international network of environmental groups in the world, represented in 68 countries. It is one of the leading environmental pressure groups in the UK. It is also a unique network of campaigning local groups, working in more than 200 communities in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
Frisse Wind The Amsterdam Wind Turbine Cooperative. A cooperative that is promoting alternative energy production in the Netherlands. Frisse Wind concentrates on producing electrical energy by means of advanced wind turbines (modern day windmills).
Green Peace This is the homepage of the Green Peace Organization and offers information on Ocean Ecology and various environmental battles.

Global Environment Outlook - 1 Report (UNEP)

The United Nations Environment Program has released this, " snap-shot of an ongoing worldwide environmental assessment process." It describes the environmental status and trends in seven regions, summarizes developments over time in regional policy responses, and concludes with an exploration, based on model analysis, of what we might expect in the future for a selected number of environmental issues if no major policy reforms are initiated.
Global Recycling Network (GRN) Contains company directories, business pages, news, career information from the recycling industry.
Grassroots Environmentalism and Strategies for Social Change The grassroots environmental movement has played an important part in expanding the concept of environmentalism beyond preservation of the wilderness to include the impact of environmental hazards, and of the degradation of the environment more broadly, on the daily lives and especially the health of ordinary people. The constituency of grassroots environmentalism is diverse and is weighted toward those with less power and resources. It includes women and men, people of income levels ranging from very poor to upper middle class, whites and many different groups of color, but it is predominantly a movement of women and of people with relatively low incomes, and the movement is currently growing most rapidly among groups of color. This article gives a sketch of this movement, its development, the issues that it is concerned with, its dynamics of race and gender. It then addresses a particular aspect of the movement: its approach to the state.
Greenpeace International This is the international coordinating body for the 43 national offices of Greenpeace located in 30 countries.
Infoterra United Nations Environment Programme.
Journal of Industrial Ecology This international, multi-disciplinary quarterly is designed to foster both understanding and practice in the emerging field of industrial ecology. Industrial ecology is a rapidly-growing field that systematically examines local, regional and global materials and energy uses and flows in products, processes, industrial sectors and economies.
Kleine Aarde Dutch ecological organization. Their aim is to stimulate people for a environmental-friendly and healthy way of living, based on agricultural methods, eating habits, and the use of energy and resources that don't harm the natural environment.
Manatees "Manatees are large marine mammals, streamlined in shape, with adults averaging 1000 to as much as 1500 pounds in weight, and an adult length of about 12 ft. Manatees and their living relatives today inhabit coastal estuarine systems within the boundaries of the tropics. Manatee migration in North Florida is seasonal and prompted chiefly by changes in water temperature. In South Florida, however, a second reason for manatee migration takes precedence, which is the need for fresh or low salinity drinking water."
MilieuWeb Dutch environmental navigating pages: nature, ecology and wildlife (Deventer, Netherlands). Editor: Rudy Dokter.
National Geographic This is the online version of the world famous magazine of the world of nature.
National Pollution Prevention Center "Pollution is one of the most destructive ways that humans affect life on this planet. Preventing pollution of air, land, or water is more logical and cost-effective than controlling existing pollution. Many industry employees are learning how to prevent pollution on the job. But pollution prevention (P2) is still not widely taught in colleges. To meet this need, the National Pollution Prevention Center for Higher Education (NPPC) develops P2 educational materials (compendia) for university instructional faculty. These materials help faculty incorporate the principles of P2 into existing or new courses; they contain resources for professors as well as assignments for students."
New Ideas in Pollution Regulation (NIPR) It deals with the question, "how can governments, communities, and industry better understand and deal with the problems of pollution?" Provided by Prosody Communications in cooperation with the World Bank's Economics of Industrial Pollution Control research group. It is targeted at people and organizations interested in public policy issues relating to the cost-effective control of pollution, in developing countries.
Norway's Environmental Policies Norway is a strong driving force in international environmental issues. It is a small country with no major environmental problems of its own but serious damage to its environment can be caused by activities in other countries. Examples of this are acid rain, nuclear accidents and environmental toxins in arctic food chains.
Northwestern University Recycling Program The NU Recycling program focuses on waste reduction, recycling, and buying recycled products. In 1994, the University recycled 944 tons of materials, 786 tons from the Evanston campus and 158 tons from the Chicago campus. Recycling bins are located in every campus building. Bins labeled for office paper, cans/glass/ plastic, and newspapers/magazines are in a central area of every University residence. Academic and administrative buildings have bins for office paper and cans/glass/plastic. Corrugated cardboard is collected in dumpsters at several locations around campus.
Peregrine Fund "Established in 1970, The Peregrine Fund works nationally and
internationally, focusing on birds to conserve nature. We
conserve nature by achieving results - results restoring species in jeopardy, conserving habitat, educating students, training
conservationists, providing factual information to the public, and
by accomplishing good science."
Pollution Abatement & Reduction Councils (PARC) An explanation of how pollution has played the major role in the "overfishing" scenario. The editor, Gösta H. Lovgren (a born-raised-retired commercial fisherman from Point Pleasant Beach, NJ.), proposes a solution: self financing Pollution Abatement and Reduction Councils make loans available to polluters to clean up their acts. It is not coercive in nature and creates thousands of jobs each year just in pollution control.
Recycler's World information relating to secondary or recyclable commodities
Sierra Club  This is the club's homepage. They are dedicated to cleaning up the environment, preventing environmental destruction, and discussing environmental issues.
Social Responsibilities Roundtable Concern for human and economic rights was an important element in the founding of SRRT and remains an urgent concern today. SRRT believes that libraries and librarians must recognize and help solve social problems and inequities in order to carry out their mandate to work for the common good and bolster democracy. The subject of computers and their relation to the environment has previously been addressed in several forums. One of the more succinct discussions was generated at the 1992 ALA Social Responsibility Roundtable with Bill Leland of ECONET. Leland questioned whether computer usage was ultimately detrimental or beneficial to the environment. The general consensus at that roundtable indicated that computer usage results in a dramatic increase in paper consumption. But one way that computers can be utilized to benefit the environment is by providing timely information regarding the pragmatics of recycling--the what, where, when, why, and how.
State of the Earth Website "Natural gas extraction has nearly tripled in thirty years, from 34 trillion cubic feet per year to 95 trillion. We mined 2.2 billion metric tons in 1970; this year we'll mine about 3.8 billion. The planet feels this fossil fuel use in many ways, as the fuels are extracted (and spilled) and shipped (and spilled) and refined (generating toxics) and burned into numerous pollutants, including carbon dioxide, which traps outgoing energy and warms things up. Despite global conferences and brave promises, what the Earth notices is that human carbon emissions have increased from 3.9 million metric tons in 1970 to an estimated 6.4 million this year."
State of the Environment Report This report provides an overview of the environment of the Atlantic Provinces at a particular time. It also identifies problem areas and describes important conditions and trends, and outlines the direction in which the Region is headed environmentally.

Types of Air Pollution

"Acid rain" is often used to mean any type of long-range transboundary air pollution, i.e. polluted air carried by the wind and rain from a source in one country to other countries where it damages the environment.
Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission The Monitoring Operations division is responsible for monitoring air quality within the state of Texas and for reporting that information to the public. Division staff work together to examine and interpret the causes, nature, and behavior of air pollution in Texas.
Union of Concerned Scientists "The Union of Concerned Scientists works to ensure that all people have clean air and energy, as well as safe and sufficient food. We work to improve the environment in ways that preserve our health, protect our safety, and enhance the quality of life in our communities. We strive for a future that is free from the threats of global warming and nuclear war, and a planet that supports a rich abundance of life."
University of Michigan School of Natural Resources & Environment
Virtual Earthquake - An Introduction "Earthquakes occur because of a sudden release of stored energy. This energy has built up over long periods of time as a result of tectonic forces within the earth. Most earthquakes take place along faults in the upper 25 miles of the earth's surface when one side rapidly moves relative to the other side of the fault. This sudden motion causes shock waves (seismic waves) to radiate from their point of origin called the focus and travel through the earth. It is these seismic waves that can produce ground motion which people call an earthquake." This site offers you an opportunity to create a computer simulation of an earthquake.
Wereld Natuur Fonds Information about mission, projects and successes of the World Nature Fund.
Wexler: Air Pollution Research Air pollution plagues society in many countries around the world. It ranges from indoor air pollution at the smallest scale, through urban and regional smog, to global climate change and stratospheric ozone depletion. Our research focuses on understanding the atmospheric processes that transport and transform particulate pollutants between their emission and their reception.
Wilderness Society (TWS) A non-profit membership organization devoted to preserving wilderness and wildlife, protecting America's prime forests, parks, rivers, deserts and shorelands, and fostering an American land ethic.
Wind Energy Links Editor: David M. Robb.
Wind Service Holland Wind energy in the Netherlands with information on installed capacity, monthly windresource, news, wind farm-map, energy-production of 81 turbines etc. Editor: Jaap Langenbach.