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Arachnet Electronic Journal on Virtual Culture (EJVC) A refereed scholarly journal published by Marshall & Kent State Universities. Virtual culture is computer-mediated human experience, action, and interaction, including electronic mail, conferences, and journals; information distribution and retrieval; the construction and visualization of images, representations, models of reality and/or worlds; and global connectivity. The purpose is to foster, encourage, advance, and communicate scholarly thought (including analysis, evaluation, and research) in multiple disciplines about virtual culture.  You can subscribe to this journal by sending this message "subscribe EJVC-L <first name> <last name>" to listserv@kentvm.kent.edu
CMC Magazine Reports about people, events, technology, public policy, culture, practices, study, and applications of the phenomenon of human communication and interaction via computer networks and in online environments. Go directly to the Current Issue. Editor: John December
Communications of the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) - A monthly magazine and claims a readership of 83,000 computing professionals. Includes general interest articles, case studies, and special sections. There are also several channels for expressions of opinion and technical commentary.
Computers and Society A quarterly bulletin of the ACM's Special Interest Group on Computers and Society (SIGCAS) - Articles on social implications of computerization -- including computer ethics, privacy, organizational issues, intellectual and other property, equity, gender, health and safety, environment, professional certification, education, research, and similar topics. Editor: Tom Jewett (Department of Computer Science in the California State University at Long Beach).
Information Society (TIS), The A critical forum for leading edge analysis of the impacts, policies, system concepts, methodologies related to information technologies and changes in society and culture. Includes computers and telecommunications; the sites of social change include homelife, workplaces, schools, communities and diverse organizations, as well as new social forms in cyberspace. It publishes scholarly articles, position papers, debates, short communications and book reviews. Editor-in-Chief: Rob Kling.
Journal of the American Society for Information Science (JASIS) A forum for new research in information transfer and communication processes in general, and in the context of recorded knowledge in particular. Concerns include the generation, recording, distribution, storage, representation, retrieval, and dissemination of information, as well as its social impact and management of information agencies. There is a strong emphasis on new information technologies and methodologies in text analysis, computer based retrieval systems, measures of effectiveness, and the search for patterns and regularities in measures of existing communication systems. The orientation is toward quantitative experimental work, but significant qualitative and historical research is also welcome. The Social and Legal Aspects of Information includes: Impact of information systems and technology upon society; Ethics and information; Legislative and regulatory aspects; History of information science; Information science education; International issues; Information infrastructure; Privacy; Intellectual Property; and Copyright
Journal of Computer Mediated Communication (JCMC) A joint project of the Annenberg School for Communication (University of Southern California) and the Information Systems Division of the School of Business Administration (Hebrew University of Jerusalem). Editors: Margaret McLaughlin and Sheizaf Rafaeli. JCMC can also be accessed through a web site at USC.
Network Observer (TNO), The A free on-line newsletter about networks and democracy. Editor: Phil Agre (Department of Communication, Univ. of California, San Diego).
TechnoScience Newsletter of the Society for Social Studies of Science. To find out the latest news and debates in the science studies world, you can subscribe to the sci-tech-studies by sending an e-mail message to sts-request@cctr.umkc.edu with a message: <subscribe>.