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ABCentral Extensive educational resource links, by E.J. Inglis-Arkell.
AcademicNet An American service that works in partnership with colleges and universities tot develop interactive multimedia instructional materials. The purpose is to create a community of faculty and other academic leaders dedicated to applying advanced research, technology and design to develop practical methods and materials that will increase the effectiveness and efficiency of instruction and learning.
American Museum of Natural History Little needs to be said about this site except, "Go and look!".
B.E.S.T - Best Education Sites Today Search Engine The most comprehensive source for Education Links on the Internet. Contents: Educational Conferences, Educational Grants, Educational Organizations, Educational Programs, Home Schooling, Kid's Corner, Libraries, Magazines/Newspapers, Museums, Newsgroups, Retail, Schools, Search Engines, Subjects [Arts (fine, music, theatre), Language Arts, Literature, Math, Philosophy, Science, Social Sciences, Technology], Teacher's Home Pages, Teacher's Resources.
Blue Web'n Applications Library "Blue Web'n is a searchable database of outstanding Internet learning sites categorized by subject area, audience, and type (lessons, activities, projects, resources, references, & tools). Blue Web'n does not attempt to catalog all educational sites, but only the most useful sites -- especially online activities targeted at learners."
Books On-line These electronic books are searchable by author. "The On-Line Books Page is a directory of books that can be freely read right on the Internet. It includes: An index of thousands of on-line books on the Internet, Pointers to significant directories and archives of on-line texts, Special exhibits, ... and more!"
BookWire  "The first place to look for book information." "BookWire is the book industry's most comprehensive and thorough online information source. BookWire's content includes timely book industry news, features, reviews, original fiction, guides to literary events, author interviews, thousands of annotated links to book-related sites, and more."
Centre for Educational Technology and Innovation (OTIC) It's primary task is to contribute to solutions concerning educational problems encounterd by the Open University In the Netherlands. OTIC develops new forms and methods which may improve the quality of distance education.
Class Size Research and the Quality of Education An annotated bibliography of nearly 200 sources of literature related to class size and the quality of teaching and learning. Compiled by Rob Watling (Nothingham, UK).
College Quarterly (CQ) A Canadian academic journal devoted to the improvement of college education and the professional development of college educators. Issues going back to 1993 are available by date, author, and subject. The articles are concentrated in the areas of institutional governance, learning resources and educational technology, pedagogy and curriculum development, and college and society. Produced by Management Resources Planning (MRP).
Comprehensive Distance Education List of Resources Links to distance education sites and information on videoconferencing.
Critical Comparisons of American Colleges and Universities An independent college assessment service created by William B. Busa and MEMEX Press. A very useful source of information for prospective college students and their parents. The reports on institutions are indexed alphabetically and provide a number of comparative statistics (including tuition, quality of faculty, library and student services, campus crime rate, and scholarships).
Digital Education Network "Education is rapidly undergoing a progression from traditional
curricula to innovative and increasing interactive learning. ACT360 Media is addressing this issue by providing quality content and new methods of interaction through the Digital Education Network. With DEN, teachers and parents can access timely content for classroom or home use, and introduce students directly to the Internet education experience."
Discovery Online With this site, the Discovery Channel comes to the net.
Distance Education Clearinghouse "The Distance Education Clearinghouse is a comprehensive and widely recognized Web site bringing together distance education information from Wisconsin, national, and international sources. New information and resources are being added to the Distance Education Clearinghouse on a continual basis."
Distance Instruction for Adult Learning (DIAL) "DIAL, the New School's Distance Learning program, is an opportunity for people all over the world to take New School courses at their own convenience. Connecting through the
Internet's World Wide Web to our cyberspace campus, students receive instruction, ask questions of their instructors and each other, discuss issues, and actively participate in their classes."
Distance Learning on the Net "Distance Learning and Education is the subject of this home page. Included are descriptions of distance education web sites, along with links to lead you to further Distance Learning and education resources on the Net. Each of the resources listed here has been chosen for its overall quality and reputation."
ECE WWW Server This is an information system based at the University of Santa Barbara's campus.
Education (WWW Virtual Library). Searching for education sites by education level, by types of site, by country, or alphabetically.
Education (Social Sciences) This site is mostly links to other useful sites.
Education Index This is a good guide to educational links to help people get jobs.
Education Research and Perspectives Electronic version of the old journal with the same title (gopher).
Education Resources "Beginning in January and until the new ERIC model for acquiring education literature is developed later in 2004, no new materials will be received and accepted for the database. However, the ERIC database will continue to grow, as thousands of documents selected by the ERIC clearinghouses throughout 2003 will be added."
Educational Technology  
Electronic Information and the Sociology of Knowledge In this paper Lanham argues that the fundamental "operating system" for the humanities is changing from the book to the digital multimedia computer screen. He outlines the consequences of this move for the creation, performance, teaching, and study of literature, music, and the visual arts. He concludes with a suggestion for how this movement from page to digital display might inform the administrative changes forced upon the university by the current shortage of money.
Electronic Learning in a Digital World "The big mistake in planning for the school of the future is starting where we are today and imagining how to move forward. With that approach, we necessarily drag along a great deal of excess baggage. Instead, we should begin with where we want to be, where we think we will be, and work back through all the steps necessary to get to that point."
ERIC Clearinghouse for Social Studies/Social Science Education Bloomington, IN, USA. Descriptions of services and links to Internet resources for social studies education.
ETEXT Archives, The "Home to electronic texts of all kinds, from the sacred to the profane, from the political to the personal. Our mission is to provide electronic versions of texts without judging their content."
Far Gone Books This site offers descriptions of many controversial books.
Home Schooling Resources All you want to know about home schooling can be found here.
IBM Kiosk for Education This links to the IBM computing kiosk and offers product information. "It is straightforward, but at the same time infinitely complex. The mission of IBM Education is to help you fundamentally transform education."
INFOMINE This links to the University of California's scholarly Internet resource collection.
Informal Education Homepage This site is supported by PDRU and the YMCA George Williams College, London). An introduction in the theory and practice of informal education. It includes a great bibliography on informal education with sections on adult education, youth work, community education and schooling, research, literacy.
Internet: Which Future for Organized Knowledge - Frankenstein or Pygmalion? What is the Internet exactly? What can it be used for? And what will be the effects of such a radical revolution in the way we handle the world of information?
Journal of Virtual Education "Welcome to the Diversity University Journal of Virtual Reality Education(DUJVRE)!  I can't tell you how excited I am about Donald actually making this happen since it's been in my dreams ever since Diversity University(DU) was started."
Libweb - Library WWW This site offers over 1700 pages from libraries in over 60 countries.
Martindale's 'The Reference Desk' There's so much information, it's a must see.
Mediated Learning A new model of technology-mediated instruction and learning. Mediated Learning is a faculty-guided, learner-centered approach to instruction and learning that takes advantage of the combined strengths of the instructor, the learner and multimedia technology to create an individualized learning environment and increase student academic achievement.
Microsoft in Higher Education Articles on case studies, featured products and the site of the month. Special information for faculty, students and administrators. Includes resources on products & pricing, promos & programs, online learning, training & support, case study library, and an archive with past articles.
Ministerie van Onderwijs, Cultuur en Wetenschappen Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Sciences.
My Virtual Reference Desk All the dictionaries, encyclopedias, maps, etc. that you'll ever need are right here.
NetDay National This is Clinton's plan to get all schools on the internet by year 2000.
New Jersey Education Find lots of educational links here.
New Tools for Teaching "This page leads to others that introduce, describe, and exemplify new Internet-based resources for teaching that are already available and in the main astonishingly easy to use. If you know anything at all about using a WWW program (like the one you must be using to read this page!), then you can work through this successfully. See a highlighted link, click on the link! Find the "back" button (on top of this screen probably) to back out of things when you've seen enough, but you'll find plenty of links to make it easy to get around."
OnderwijsWeb Dutch Education Homepages. A starting point for all educators.
Promise of Distance Learning "Can distance education provide a more effective means for students' to learn than traditional classroom learning? Potentially the answer is yes."
Prairie Net This volunteer organization offers community service in many areas.
Sociology of Education Internet Resources "This page is a mixture of a variety of WWW links which should be of use to sociologists. Many of the links are ones that I have recorded over the past three years of "surfing the web."  Credit for this page is also due the WWW Virtual Library: Sociology, which is compiled and maintained by Dr. Samuel Brown, from which I have taken many links."
Sociology of Knowledge Page Provides articles, book reviews and course descriptions by Michael Kearl.
Syracuse University This is where the Architectures Center at Syracuse University discusses parallel processing.
Urban Education Web It offers manuals, brief articles, annotated bibliographies, reviews and summaries of outstanding publications, and conference announcements in urban education. Many items in UEweb are published by the ERIC Clearinghouse on Urban Education and are available for free or a nominal charge, as described in its publication list.
Usenet -
Using Technology Productivity Tools in Teaching: One Professor's Odyssey A description of how educators are integrating technology into their instruction and into their organizations.
Virtual School Get an education and do research at this site. "The links in the left column lead to more 150mB of information. The guidebook, courses, and article warehouse can help you get oriented, or type a search phrase in this box to cut to the chase."
Yahooligans! This is an educational link especially for kids.
Western Governors University One of the most ambitious proposals to create a virtual university to citizens of the Western United States.
Why Files Education about why things work is highlighted at this site.
WorldWide Class Room "It is our belief that the pursuit of study, vocational, and a vocational interests abroad adds a unique, broadening framework to the understanding of another culture. It enhances our empathy and allows us to see that which we share with others, thus stimulating an appreciation for the richness of our own cultural heritage. Differences become a source of fascination, rather than antagonism; dissimilarities spawn opportunities, rather than barriers; and diversity gives us new perspectives with which to solve old problems."