Domestic Violence

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American Bar Association Commission on Domestic Violence

This site contains facts on DV, numbers to call, sites of interest, internship information, and an address to the Bar Association.
BC Institute Against Family Violence The institute was created in 1989 and claims to be a “private, non-profit organization.” It boasts working with the community and creating public awareness through educating professionals, providing information, and even conducting research. You can check out other resources, order items, and even send in an application to the school.
Bureau of Justice Statistics  This is where to go if you want statistics. This site puts together almost any statistic you would probably be interested in from the U.S. Department of Justice.
Childhelp USA This site has tons of information via hot buttons that will connect you to help hotlines, events in your local area, abuse facts, and it lists celebrity ambassadors involved with the project. It also contains a list of advisory board members, the facilities, other links, new releases, and e-mail addresses.
Communities Against Violence Network
Home page for (CAVNET). They offer the best help in locating information on domestic violence. They offer a lot of links to great sites but make sure you have plenty of time to sit through it all! "Welcome to the Communities Against Violence Network ("CAVNET") Homepage. The purpose of the CAVNET homepage is to serve as a searchable, authoritative source of information about violence against women, children, persons with disabilities, gays and lesbians, and others. You can contact us by sending email to:

Domestic Violence

This site is someone’s web page and is very helpful in providing basic DV information. It has hotlines, other links, published article links, stages of abuse information, books that are available, and even awards other web sites that are worth mentioning.
Domestic Violence Division Created by a department of justice, this cite is really wonderful as far as information presented. It gives potential indicators of domestic abuse, a progression of violence, stages of abusers, rehabilitation signs, common characteristics of abusers, stories, the dangers of separation, effects of abuse, and a plan to escape.
Domestic Violence Handbook, The This one starts out with a poem about victims and continues on to display an index, mail button, and possible links to more information.

Domestic Violence Information Pages

You can access essays and comments about DV, facts, hotline numbers, services contacts, links, and reading lists presented by “Today In Perspective” E-magazine.
Domestic Violence: Misconceptions I recommend this page. It offers a lot of misconceptions and interesting historical perspectives on domestic violence. I haven’t found any other site that gives much history on the subject.
Domestic Violence Project, Inc./SAFE House, The This page will take you to the home page for The Domestic Violence Project Inc./SAFE House. Any information you may need on the agency. They talk about their missions, purpose, and goals. They even give you information on their staff members.
Electronic Journal of Intimate Violence (EJINTVIO). This page is an electronic publication that uses the Internet to publish the latest information on research and treatment of domestic violence. It offers to add you to their mailing list.
Family Violence Prevention Fund This site is produced by the Family Violence Prevention Fund (FUND). It’s a national non-profit organization that focuses on education and public policy reform on domestic violence.
Guide to Domestic Violence Resources on the Internet Another good page that offers a lot of links to other domestic violence resources on the Internet. It works as a guide to a lot of good links.
Husband Battering This site contains articles, citations with commentary, homicide information, brief notes, citations with bibliography, information on politics of DV, actual cases, and personal testimony.
Legal Aid for Abused Women (LAAW) This is an agency that provides help to men and women who are trying to remove themselves from abusive situations.
Men and Women Against Domestic Violence This includes statistical information about men and women victims, things one should know about abuse, resources, places to look for more information, and hotline numbers.
Myths and Facts about Domestic Violence This page runs through and lists basic myths about DV and then analytically answers them with statistics and information about such topics as “Why it happens,” and “Who it happens to.”
No More Silence "On Wednesday morning Dec 26, around 20 Muslim women staged a protest near Eski Jova market in Tashkent. Families of Muslims who were imprisoned for religious beliefs demanded that systematic use of torture against their husbands, brothers, and sons should be stopped and they should be released."
No Safe Place Although this was about a show that aired on PBS in March, there are buttons that will give information about the program, about the institute, other resources and links, a list of signs that may show if you are in danger, articles, study guides for teachers and the actual script from the show.
Nonviolent Alternatives Counseling Services This one provides general information about DV, gives tools for abusive people to use in a hostile situation to calm down, offers information about the services provided, and more information about the counseling itself. This would be great for someone who is abusive to read and consider.
Phenomenal Women of the Web Against Domestic Violence This site is not only devoted to people involved in DV situations, but also animals that may face the brunt of an abusive situation. It contains lots of information about hotlines and facts about animal abuse as well as human.
Purple Ribbon Project, The Also a non-profit organization focused on education and awareness. Give information on how to become a member and how to become more informed.
Safe Passage This is all about a shelter provided for women and children to go to when DV creates a homeless situation. It defines violence and its cycle, offers services, a plan to escape, and other links. This is so great for someone who is seriously in need of somewhere to go. It tells you specific locations and achieves what other web sites do not, offers shelter instead of counseling.
Sexual Assault Information Page This page offers a lot of great links on domestic violence for individuals involved in gay or lesbian relationships. It also lists national organizations and how to contact them.
Shattered Love Broken Lives This is a web site devoted to over 60 articles published by the Standard Times of New Bedford, MA followed by investigative research.
Take Action Site deals mainly with Marshall's (the store). On October 13 they donate a percentage of their nationwide sales to the prevention of domestic violence. The site explains more on the project. "As a company that relies on families for its business, Marshall's is committed to helping families, and is extending its support specifically to victims of domestic violence and their children. The funds generated by this effort will help underwrite the cost of the Family Violence Prevention Fund's ground-breaking public education campaign, THERE'S NO EXCUSE FOR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.
Violence Against Women Office Another site put together by the U.S. Department of Justice. Links to President Clinton’s remarks on domestic violence and links to a message from the Attorney General. You can also link to the ’s press release.
Women Usually Victimized By Offenders They Know This is an address that is specifically information orientated. It contains tons of facts about basic domestic violence issues and lists mostly statistical facts.