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10 THINGS A DAD NEEDS TO KNOW WHEN SEEKING CUSTODY "We appreciate your stopping by. The purpose of this web site is to help those in need of help know, in a general sense, what we have available to assist them. Specific information can be obtained by contacting us via E-mail or at the office phone number."
Academy of Family Mediators This site is designed to help couples going through times. It tries to prevent couples from getting divorced, but also to speak all the issues creating problems in the relationship.
Alternatives to Divorce It talks about the fact that some people would rather live in an unsatisfying marriage rather than going through all of the hardships and monitary problems of divorce.
American Coalition for
Father's & Children
A large collection of authoritative pro-family studies and reports are located on our site.
ASI Credit Reports and Information Is all your credit combined with your spouse? Has your spouse made financial charges that you are unaware of? Are these charges being reported on your credit report? Take your credit report to your attorney so they can better evaluate your financial situation.
Ask the Divorced Guy! Dean Hughson, called the Dear Abby of Divorced Dads by the Kansas City Star, is the founder of the DIVORCE HOMEPAGE. He has talked to thousands of people contemplating divorce, going through divorce, or the chaos afterwards and gives referrals, support, and friendly advice. He resides in Nevada, the state with the highest divorce rate in the US.
Ask the Divorced Woman! Maria Costa (Author & Divorce Seminar Speaker) A well known certified speaker and seminar leader, continues to inspire, motivate and challenge people to push their envelopes farther, both before and after experiencing divorce.
Bob Dole's Divorce 
It talks about Bob Dole's attack on President Clinton's stand on divorce. The writer of this site felt Bob Dole was out of line in this argument and expressed his opinion.
Broken Circle, The A web site devoted to encouraging and supporting Christians facing divorce.
Causes of Divorce It is the opinion of Jean Bethke Elshtain. She blames the increasing opinion on the unimportance of marriage on the corrosion in America's civil society.
Child Custody in the USA These people provide some good information on custody issues.
Child Support & Custody Another good site giving information on divorce and custody.
Children and their Parents After the Parent's Divorce It gives children ideas as what to do after parents get divorced. It is supposed to help the children from being forgotten.
Children of Separation and
Divorce Center, Inc.
This site has changed names to National Family Resiliency Center, Inc. It is devoted to children suffering through divorce. It shows children how to cope and continue their lives after the divorce.
Children's Rights Council Formed in 1985, the Children's Rights Council (CRC) is a national non-profit organization based in Washington, DC that works to assure children meaningful and continuing contact with both their parents and extended family regardless of the parents' marital status.
CHRISTIANdigest Library
It gives a person spiritual advice and guidance when going through a divorce. It attempts to bring someone closer to God when going through a rough divorce.
CNN-Fairy tale marriage of
Charles and Diana officially
over -August 28, 1996
It lists all of the details of Charles and Diana's wedding and talks about when they called it quits. It also talks about the publics opinion of the divorce announcement.
Court TV Divorce and custody issues brought to you by Court TV.

Covenant Marriage Links

It talks about Covenant Marriages. It gives information such as legislation, history of covenant marriages, statistics about them and much more.
Debt Counselors of America Being deep in debt is not fun. It's scary and frightening but you can survive. There is a lot of assistance available here at Debt Counselors of America. 
Divorce It discusses the consequences that divorce causes for the children involved.
Divorce & Marriage Statistics It gives statistics on marriage and divorce in the U.S. from 1980 to 1994.
Divorce Care DivorceCare is a special support group where you can find help as you recover from the hurt of separation or divorce. There is a DivorceCare group meeting near you. Find a nearby DivorceCare group Resources to help you recover Information about DivorceCare Steps you can take to recover How to form a DivorceCare group.
Divorce Central It is designed to offer advice to people who are newly divorced or in the middle of going through a divorce. It offers help with legal problems, emotional problems, financial problems and how to handle parenting.
Divorce Helpline: Tools to Keep
You Out of Court
It gives advice on how to help keep divorce out of the courtroom. It offers tips to help save money and even dating tips for newly single parents.
DivorceInfo Home Page There are over 600 pages on information about divorce cited here.
Divorce Magazine It is a magazine you can subscribe to or buy at a newsstand that is designed solely to help people deal with the stressful situation of divorce. It specializes in law, relationships, mental and physical health, taxes, and real estate.
DivorceNet A State-by-State Resource Center with information on Divorce, Alimony and Custody 
Divorce, Nontraditional
Families, and its Consequences for Children
Talks about the harsh reality of divorce and how it effects children. Shows ways to help children and what to do when this occurs. 
Divorce Rates It talks about the current divorce rate in the U.S. and corrects the myth that the divorce rate is 54.8%.
Divorce Record Search Was that love divorced and not telling you?? Find out here. It is a service that allows you to find out the past marriage history of just about anyone you want to know. It costs $49.99 to have a search run.
Divorce Solutions It offers alternatives to getting divorced for people with troubles. Explains some of the options and what to do about taking on some of them. A site for people that need advise about getting or being divorced. You can buy books and tapes on the subject of divorce.
Divorce Source family law, alimony, support, and visitation
Divorced Woman Magazine We are creating the "FIRST" publication UNIQUELY designed for the divorced woman. Divorce is simply no longer a statistic.....Divorce is a shared connection of millions of women ........LIKE YOU........ whom are impacted by the process of change.
DOJ Violence Against
Women Office
Information on Violence Against Women. Several help resourses and political information about violence. 
It helps with legal issues about child custody, alimony, child support and tax information. It also has a live chat room and quick search that will provide you with divorce professionals near you.
Family Child Care
Coalition, The
This site will provide information on how to select and locate child care or pre-schools in your area. We understand that selecting a quality program for your child is a serious undertaking, and we hope to help you in your search. 
Family Relationships It discusses the role that drugs, violence, and alcohol play with many divorces today.
Families With Divorce This website allows a person to know what to do when the system is not doing its job. It gives people a way to find alternatives when going through a divorce.
Family Violence Awareness Page This site is devoted to helping fight all forms of family violence and to providing information about services that are available to families that are in need of assistance . You will also find links to other sites. We are also including articles, essays, and readers comments.
Father's for Kids The mission of the National Fathers' Resource Center (NFRC), a Division of Fathers For Equal Rights, Inc. located in Dallas, Texas is to provide the fathers, children, grandparents and families of our country with up to the minute information about critical fathers' related issues. 
Father's Rights This covers an issue not frequently discussed: fathers rights in the divorce.
Father's Rights and Equality Exchange F.R.E.E.[tm] works to gain equality for fathers using a three-pronged approach. The three prongs are support, education, and legislation.
Fathers Rights Services Page It is designed to help and offer advice to father's and their attorney's who have been refused the right to have visitation with their kids. All of the advice on this page costs $25.00.
Federal Office of Child 
Support Enforcement 
Information on Child Support. Policies and state information is provided here.
Flying Solo It discusses issues dealing with divorce and separation such as laws, taxes, custody, alimony, and property division.
God's Plan for Marriage It discusses the way that God intended marriage to be carried out.
Hints for Divorcing Parents It talks about the best way to tell a child that you and your spouse are divorcing and other helpful hints on how to help the child cope with the heartache of divorce.
How to Divorce as Friends You can divorce as friends! No matter how painful or destructive your relationship is today, you have the ability to turn your situation around. You can end the conflict and restore the love, one human being to another.
Indicator 5: Marriage and Divorce Rates It gives marriage and divorce rates by country from 1960 to 1988. Not every country is included however.
IRSS: NC Vital Statistics Documentation-Marriage and Divorce Files 1968- Present It gives marriage file information and descriptions in the state of North Carolina from 1968 to present. You can even download files.
Is Annulment a Catholic Divorce? This site explores the question if annulment is the Catholics way of getting divorced. It gives the reasons for annulment in Catholic marriages.
Kayama It is designed to help Jewish people obtain a divorce. It explains the process needed to get a legal Jewish divorce.
Legal Information Institute 
(Family Law Section)
The legealities of Divorce. Find out all you need to know about what the laws are concerning divorce.
Love, Sex, and
It list many books that are helpful in coping with divorce. They range from helpful hints to a dirty divorce to building a new life after divorce. 
Making Your Marriage Work It talks about how the complexity of marriage has increased greatly from that of other generations. It also talks about the pessimistic attitude that many people associate with marriage today.
Marriage Builders It is a site that tries to help people through their marital problems. It is designed to help marriages not to help break apart.
Money Matters: Financial
Advantages to Marriage?
It offers monetary advice to men and women. It recommends that each spouse purchase life insurance policies under the other spouses name. Otherwise the Insurance is canceled at the time of a divorce.
Murray Research Center: 
Adjustment to Separation
and Divorce
It is about a study that was done on divorce and separation. It talks about how the study was done and the results of the study.
My Parents Still Love Me
Even Though They're
Getting Divorced
It is a book that is designed to help children cope and deal with their parents divorce. It shows a child that it is not the child's fault the parents are getting a divorce.
National Center for Missing & 
Exploited Children, The 
As the nation's resource center for child protection, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) spearheads national efforts to locate and recover missing children and raises public awareness about ways to prevent child abduction, molestation, and sexual exploitation.
National Congress for Fathers
and Children
As you will learn from the following material, we are a non-profit, member support organization, dedicated to educating fathers on how to fight for the right to parent their children. 
National Divorce and
Bankruptcy Center
This is a place for someone to go when they completely wiped out as a result of a divorce. This place allows the person to regain a new credit life a start all over fresh.
National Domestic
Violence Hotline
Each month, nearly 10,000 callers - victims of domestic violence, their families and friends across the U.S. - receive crisis intervention, referrals, information and support in many languages.
Nolo's Legal Encyclopedia
- Parents & Children
Raising children is a big job, and an emotional subject even when family relationships are well-established and running smoothly. An adoption, divorce or guardianship proceeding adds extra stress, requiring that we learn to juggle law, economics and our highly-charged feelings. Be reassured, however, that there are many people who can help you find your way through family law proceedings, including knowledgeable lawyers, mediators, counselors and therapists. In this section, we get you started by answering many of your questions about the laws that affect parents and their children. 
Non-Custodial Parents
Resource Center
The Non-Custodial Parent's Resource Center is a Grass Roots - Civil Rights Organization dedicated to the thousands of parents and children who do not have access or custody to each other, because of divorce. NCPRC main mission is to provide the Non-Custodial Parent (NCP) and the Practicing Professional with a one stop source for educational resources that they need in order to strengthen their goals of maintaining their rights as parents and providers.
Pension Appraisers The valuation, evaluation and appraisal of Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution Pension Plans for equitable distribution of marital assets pursuant to divorce. The drafting of Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDRO) to effectuate the division of defined pension benefits pursuant divorce.
Responsible Parenting, Inc. Nonprofit advocates for the rights of children focusing on helping divorced parents find child-friendly solutions.
Save Marriages by Reforming
Divorce Law
It is the opinion of Randall Hekmah. He feels that it is much to easy today to get a divorce. He thinks that more marriages could be saved if the divorce laws were tougher.
Search Light for Pascal
Zendano, The
It is devoted to the recovery of Pascal Zendano, who was kidnapped byhis mother after the parents got divorced. Pascal's father hopes this website will help locate his missing son.
Second Wives Club It is a help site for second wives and step moms. It builds positive attitudes and behaviors for its visitors.
Senate Approves Divorce
Waiting Period
It talks about the 6 month waiting period that the Senate approved for divorce. This waiting period is for divorcing couples with minor children.
Single Mothers by Choice SMC is devoted to providing information and support to single mothers as well as those contemplating or trying to achieve single motherhood.
Single Parenting Association Single Parents Association (SPA) is an international, nonprofit organization devoted to providing educational opportunities and FUN, family activities through our, always increasing, Chapter network.
Single Parent Resource Center I developed this Resource Center based on my need as a single parent to find useful information and support. I hope this site provides you valuable information to enrich your family life. It gives useful information to single parents that have questions. It also provides options for parents after receiving answers.
Single Rose Resource for Single Mothers Web Site! Single Rose is an emotionally supportive publication for divorced, widowed & never married women raising children alone.
SOC. couples. wedding FAQ  It answers a large majority of the questions that a couple on the verge of marriage may or should ask.
Spouses and Partners:
Divorce, Living Together
It covers topics such as living together, marriage, divorce, domestic violence, and changing your name. It really helps with the legal questions that may be asked with each person.
Stepfamily Association
of America
An association of people concerned with helping stepfamilies live successfully. A network seeking to change attitudes about stepfamilies through media coverage and solid research. A provider of education, training, and support for stepfamilies and professionals.
Stepfamily Foundation It is devoted to helping stepfamilies through the rough times that may occur the parents are married. It shows ways of becoming more close and more like a normal family.
Two Types of Marriage It quotes from the Bible and says that there are two types of marriage. It also talks about the obligation of a husband and wife.
United Father's of America We are a non-profit organization dedicated to helping fathers (wed or unwed) remain actively involved in the lives of their children after a divorce or separation. We have been helping fathers and their children for the past 23 years. Our members are people who have experienced difficult divorce, custody and child support battles, and have first-hand knowledge and understanding of our legal system and courts.
U.S. Child Custody Laws Cornell University has an extensive on-line resource for Laws, Codes, and Statutes. Most of the statutes and codes for each state are available, but do not expect it to be easy reading. ( this resource is best legal library on-line)
U.S. Children's Rights Children are generally afforded the basic rights embodied by the constitution. The equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment is said to apply to children -- born within a marriage or not, but excluding children not yet born. There are both state and federal sources of child-rights law.
U.S. Divorce Law It discusses the laws of divorce. It says there are two types of divorce. One is absolute this is when both parties become single again the other is limited it is more of a separation.
U.S. Divorce Laws There are two types of divorce-- absolute and limited. An absolute divorce, (also called a "divorce a vinculo matrimonii" is a judicial termination of a marriage based on marital misconduct or other statutory cause arising after the marriage ceremony. The result of an absolute divorce is that both parties' status becomes single again.
Victim Services Tour of a
Domestic Violence Shelter
Hear the voices of women who have sought shelter with Victim Services, see pictures of the inside of a shelter, and find answers to the questions battered women entering a shelter might ask. When you exit the tour, you will find suggestions on preventing domestic violence in your area and what corporations can do to help.
Voices of Women On-line We offer Articles on a wide variety of topics, a Calendar of Events, Bridges to other destinations on the Web, a Directory of Woman-friendly Businesses and a Marketplace as tools to empower you on your journey. Voices of Women is expressing the feminine awakening that is happening among us and puts a new set of power tools in our hands.
When a Child Wants a Divorce With the recent success of some kids wanting to divorce their parents because of various reasons, this website was introduced. It gives descriptions of the children and the families involved in this as well as why this occurred in each situation.
whY? marriage, divorce + generation X It breaks a divorce into five steps. It starts with unconditional love, then marriage, then expectations of marriage, then divorce, and lastly the aftermath of divorce.