Demographics and Databases

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1990 Census This is the latest true census data we have and thus gives us a good place to gather demographic information for research. 
Carolina Population Center "The Carolina Population Center (CPC) is a community of outstanding scholars associated to promote population research and research training at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill."
CIA World Factbook This is the CIA's group of demographics from around the world.
Cyber Atlas  Cyber Atlas offers maps and demographics for researchers.
Demography and Population  This is an excellent site to do research on population.
On-Line Stats Find out what the Georgia Institute found out in their survey of Internet users.
Penn State Population Research Institute "The Population Research Institute (PRI) encourages, organizes, and supports innovative research and training in the population sciences."
Population Index This is another good population and demographics research area with population figures from 1986-1995.
Population Reference Bureau  
Population Studies Center This site offers population research from the University of Michigan.
University of Texas Population Research Center "The Population Research Center (PRC) is an interdisciplinary research and training unit of the University of Texas at Austin (UT) that provides infrastructure support services and project development support for a very productive, interdisciplinary group of population-related researchers, graduate students, and undergraduate students at UT."
University of Wisconsin Center for Demography and Ecology "CDE is a multi-disciplinary faculty research cooperative for social scientific demographic research whose membership includes sociologists, rural sociologists, economists, epidemiologists, and statisticians."
Worldwide Demographics This site connects you to research and demographics from around the world.