Death and Dying

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Death, Dying and Grief Resources This is a large and comprehensive index of resources with a holistic perspective; it is geared toward death as "natural" and expected for all living beings. Death is an inevitable part of life that none of us escape. The natural process is to be born, live, and eventually die. An interest in death is not 'morbid curiosity' but a sincere quest to know what is beyond our final hours.
DeathNET An international archive specializing in all aspects of death and dying - with a sincere respect for every point of view. This is one of the most comprehensive Internet resources on death, dying, and euthanasia. Over 500 documents on euthanasia and assisted suicide. Over 100 links to medical and legal information resources. You can visit the "ERGO! Information Center" (The U.S. News and Euthanasia Archives, moderated by Derek Humphry), the "The Art and Science of Suicide" project (original research in 'self-deliverance' and euthanasia) and more.
Dying with Dignity (DWD) A Canadian society concerned with the quality of dying (Toronto, Ontario).
Internet Resources on Euthanasia Mediatheek Thuiszorg.
Last Rights Online Library "Few ethical issues are as complex and compelling as the right to die and euthanasia. Should physicians be allowed to help seriously ill people end their lives? Should people in special circumstances have the right to control their own deaths? Read the books below to learn more about it."
NRLC: Euthanasia Information National Right to Life Coalition section on euthanasia.
Right-to-Die Organizations in the U.S.A. From the Euthanasia Research & Guidance Organization (ERGO!). "Euthanasia should be voluntary, legal, and rare" [Derek Humphry].
Sociology of Death and Dying This is an excellent beginning point for an exploration in how death is an indicator of life. There are essays, commentary, graphs and links on the death issues of our time: abortion, euthanasia, capital punishment, life expectancies of different groups, genocide and more. Also there is a cross-national study in progress examining why belief in life after death is greatest among Americans. As a starting point for sociological research on death and dying this site has no peer. It also contains a page of images across cultures and times where you can see that 'death' is a socially constructed idea.
Stillbirth and Neonatal Death (Vic) A support group for parents who experience miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal death.
The Death, Dying and Grief Resources Support Links and Books for Bereaved Parents