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American Folklive Center This is the Library of Congress Folklore Center and includes the Archive of Folk Culture.
Archive of Folk Culture  
Art of Kissing, The Different kinds of kisses, why people kiss and why kissing is pleasant, approved methods of kissing, kisses as preludes to love, the technique of kissing, how to kiss girls with different sizes of mouths, and everything else you always wanted to know about this human habit.
Customs, Etiquette, Folklore
Costume & Dress
History and description of garments and accessories.
Mythology & Folklore
Traditional stories and legends that are passed both orally and in written form among a culture or people.
Customs and Folklore WWLib (390)
Encyclopedia Mythica This encyclopedia includes topics such as mythology, folklore, mysticism, and others.
Historical Dragon Page This Austrian site discusses the history of dragons, both old and new. "Beware, you restless explorer of the vast vaults and dungeons of the web. Dragons haunt this place. And they are quite different from the dragons you are used to: they are historical dragons." What's the origin of these myths?
Joseph Campbell Foundation Here you'll find a history of Campbell and his writings about cultural myth.
Labor and Birth Resources Collected by Robin Elise Weis.
Medieval and Renaissance Wedding Information Information and links on wedding traditions, food and menus, costuming, hand fasting and neopaganism and music.
Myth and Legend from Ancient Times to the Space Age You will find many interesting stories about mythology and folklore, legendary creatures, pirates, UFO's, vampires, werewolves and other creatures that haunt your nightmares.
Mythology links around the Web This is a list with annotated links.
Myths & Legends More links can be found here, listed by by region and language group.
Urban Legends Archive  One of the better ways to study a culture is to examine it's urban legends. If you've seen the movie "Candyman", then you've thought about urban legends.