Cultural Studies and Interests

Web Page Title
Action Without Borders This is a site trying to help make the world a better place by advocating that understanding cultural diversity is necessary to achieving human equality.
American Immigration The story of why immigrants came to the US and the treatment they received is told at this site.
An Abridged History of
The United States
This is a short, somewhat biased, history that comes to some interesting conclusions.
Beyond Prejudice This page is a vote against racism and prejudice and a good place for those trying to move on.
Blacksburg Electronic Village This site offers a look at small town community culture brought to you by Blacksburg, VA. and Virginia Tech.
Body Politic Index Diverse topics covering sex, diversity, and feminism are the key to this site.
Central Europe Online Home Page This e-zine describes ongoing events in central Europe.
China News Digest You can tour China at this site and get advice from a Chinese philosopher.
City Net  This site allows you to take a look at various cities and see what they have to offer.
Cultural Citizinship and the Creation of European Identity This essay by Juan M. Delgado-Moriera (Researcher Ministry of Education, Madrid Spain) compares the concept of cultural citizenship, based on an anthropological study of Latino communities in the United States. The researcher explains what is to be understood by cultural identity and citizenship.
Cultural Studies Central This is a good starting point for studies in changing cultures. It includes a lot of interesting links to other culturally oriented sites.
Cultural Studies and Critical Theory This critical examination of culture comes from Carnegie Mellon University.
Cultural Studies References and Links Here is another place to find lot of links referring to culture that's presented by Phoebe Sengers.
Diversity & Pluralism  This site is aimed at cultural diversity and contains a tremondous amount of material presented by Michigan State University. Unfortunately, it's not set up well and the articles are a little difficult to locate unless you already know the title or author.
DoubleTake Magazine This is the magazine created by the Center for Documentary Studies.
Doug Stickney's Silver Screen Sirens This is a historical look at how women of the silver screen have been portrayed.
Egyptology Home Page Information about Egyptian culture is found at this site.
Female Genital Mutilation  This site is not for the weak hearted but speaks about a topic of great concern: the genital mutilation of women in many counties.
Golden Age of Radio This is mostly an antiques store with some of the good old music.
Hispanic Magazine  This is a e-zine devoted to Hispanic/Latino culture and is a good source of Hispanic/Latino information.
HISTORICAL TEXT ARCHIVE This is an electronic storage and retrieval site for historical documents.
Iceland Internet Service presents the Iceland Connection
This is a guide to Icelandic culture.
Interracial Voice  This e-zine is trying to explain interracial relationships in today's society.
Invaders Home Page These insights on the media's view of aliens come from the 1960s TV series of the same name.
Japanese Map You can research Japan on a map at this site.
Joseph Campbell Foundation Here you'll find a history of Campbell and his writings about cultural myth.
Levi's  This history of blue jeans helps bring a better understanding about the early settlers.
Millennium Matters "MATTERS OF SPIRIT explores the many manifestations of spirit; EARTH PROPHECY juxtaposes prophecy and prediction with today's earth changes; THE SPHINX GROUP looks at Earth's prehistory; GAIA ALERT keeps tabs all aspects of our environment; and VISION OF SANCTUARY reviews new community and healing." This is another look at some people's expected changes after the year 2000.
Museum of Tolerance The aim of this page is to promote  tolerance, multiculturalism and civil rights.
Nat. Coalition for Homeless  The homeless in the US and how their poverty affects us all. This site attempts to keep us informed on the problems faced by the homeless.
Original Old Time Radio Pages 
A cultural guide to old time radio programs. By examining these old radio programs you can get a glimpse of days past.
Pyrotechnics Home Page This is all about fireworks and their cultural significance.
Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies (RCCS) A non-profit organization directed by David Silver of the American Studies Program at the University of Maryland. RCCS hopes to foster a web community where students, researchers, and web builders alike can collaborate and share experiences and projects in the area of cyberculture. It includes syllabi for over thirty higher education courses in the US and Canada devoted to cyberculture dating from 1993 to the present. It also includes an annotated bibliography of print articles and monographs on "Cyberculture in Context", "Virtual Communities", "Virtual Cities", and Virtual Identities".
Salem, Massachusetts - Welcome This is a history of Salem including the witch trails.
Sarah Zupko's Cultural Studies Center This is a comprehensive guide to online resources in the fields of cultural studies, pop culture analysis, and mass communication theory. Included are academic programs, articles & papers, bibliographies and reading lists, cyberspace culture, international, journals, articles, and links to information about theorists and critics.
Swoon  Information on dating, family, and hip young people is presented in this e-zine.
Transparency A comprehensive theory of culture as a form of action. It seeks to make all of popular culture transparent to the reader's view and understanding. Part of his project is Image and Action: Deconstructing the News, a book-in-progress focussed on the way images are manipulated in the media. 
Urban Desires From music and art to personalities and food, life in the city is discussed.
Urban Legends Archive  One of the better ways to study a culture is to examine it's urban legends. If you've seen the movie "Candyman", then you've thought about urban legends.
Vices and Virtues  "Vices and Virtues is the earliest Middle English prose dialogue (MS BM Stowe, c. 1200). The text is written in the South East dialect and imperfect at the beginning. The Soul confesses it sins to Reason, who explains the concept of the Christian virtues. Soul and Body discuss their different composition, and Mercy, Truth, Pity, Peace and Patience hold an allegorical meeting."
What is Culture? This is an exploration of the concept of human culture as it has been articulated in scientific and philosophical traditions. It includes special galleries on environment, learned behavior, social organization, and values & beliefs.
Witches' Web, The Information on witches and Wicca that shows this ancient belief in its better light.
Welcome to Turn Left This is the home of Liberalism on the web.
World Neighbors "World Neighbors trains local leaders like Paul, who works in a village in northeastern Ghana, where 74 percent of children under the age of five are malnourished. The community-based  organizations, which tackle such problems as food security, income creation and health care, affect 10,000 people in four villages. Multiculturalism is examined at this site.