Civil Liberties and Human Rights

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Amnesty International  Every month human rights situations in 3 different countries are highlighted. The site also contains: recent Amnesty International Publications, Amnesty International Country Reports , and other document summaries.
Common Cause These are citizens working to end special interest politics and reform government ethics in the US.
Demonstrator's Manual This site offers information about your right of peaceful assembly.
DIANA - International Human Rights Database Designed to promote the creation, preservation, organization, and dissemination of electronic materials critical to human rights research and advocacy.
Electronic Frontier Foundation, The This organization works to protect privacy and free expression.
Freedom Forum Online This is an international foundation dedicated to free press, free speech, and free spirit for all people.
GILC This is the home page of the Global Internet Liberty Campaign whose purpose is to protect human rights.
Human Rights Internet (HRI)  "HRI is an international network of groups and individuals involved in human rights and social justice work worldwide, a documentation centre, and a publishing house. The database contains information on thousands of organizations (including more than thousand organizations concerned with children's rights information), more than 10,000 bibliographic abstracts of the literature since 1985, education programs on human rights and much more."
Human Rights Library "A collection of over ninety of the most important international human rights instruments (treaties, declarations, and other materials) together with authoritative citations. The instruments are organized by subject matter; also accessible through a new WAIS search device which allows the user to locate documents by key words or phrases. Where possible, each instrument is linked to the UN Treaty Data Base for ratification information. A parallel French-language collection of the instruments is also being added to the Library."
Human Rights for Workers "A site that supports the global struggle for the freedom of working men, women, and children. The site has no formal connection with any organization but relies on the work of many organizations around the world for information, insights, and inspiration."
HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH HRW is dedicated to exposing violations of human rights and conducts regular systematic investigations of human rights abuses in about seventy countries around the world. It addresses the human rights practices of governments and of all ethnic and religious persuasions. 
Human Rights Web This organization offers international and local resources on human rights work and organizations.
Minority Rights This is an interesting site interested in promoting basic human rights for all minority groups.
Privacy Forum "A moderated digest for the discussion and analysis of issues relating to the general topic of privacy (both personal and collective) in the "information age" of the 1990's and beyond. Topics include a wide range of telecommunications, information/database collection and sharing, and related issues, as pertains to the privacy concerns of individuals, groups, businesses, government, and society at large. The manners in which both the legitimate and the controversial concerns of business and government interact with privacy considerations are also topics for the digest."
PROJECT GUTENBERG INDEX This project offers an index of rare books that have been placed in electronic format.
Public Citizen  This group wants to be the citizens eyes and ears in Washington (Nader 1971).
Social Justice   Two law students, supporting human rights, put this site together to offer information.
State Department Reports on Human Rights These are reports, organized by country, from the Department of State on human rights since 1993 .
United Nations Agreements on Human Rights This is a listing of various agreements countries have made regarding Human Rights.
Universal Declaration of Human Rights Here you'll find the text of UN General Assembly Resolution 217A (3 of 10) dated December 1948.
WELCOME TO THE HUMAN RIGHTS CAMPAIGN These people are working for gay and lesbian equal rights.