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AACAP Facts For Families Among other topics, this site discusses child sexual abuse. It provides precise, up-to-date information for families on children, and teenagers.
Abuse Prevention Project, The "The primary child abuse prevention project was designed to increase knowledge and awareness of child abuse and neglect, child maltreatment and to promote good parenting."
American Humane Association This is the home page for the American Humane Association. It contains information on their programs, training education, research programs, and more. Also provides links to other similar web pages.
American Coalition of Abuse Awareness This site is basically a newsletter for their "coalition of adult survivors, child victims' supporters, child advocacy organizations, non-offending parents, therapists, researchers, and others."
Casa de los Niños This is a non-profit organization's web page. They provide shelter for abused and neglected children. It lists information on the organization as well as how to contact them.
Center for Children and Families This center, located in New York City, offers programs including child abuse prevention and treatment, teen pregnancy prevention, literacy enrichment, youth employment, family preservation services, mental health services, drug treatment programs, etc.
Child Abuse This site is especially useful as it has links to tons of other sites having anything at all to do with child abuse.
Child Abuse: Abstracts of the 
Psychological and Behavioral 
Literature 1990-1995
This site includes journal articles and dissertations about child abuse. There are also many references on books about child abuse.
Child Abuse and Neglect 
This is the home page of the National Committee to Prevent Child Abuse (NCCAN).
Child Abuse and Neglect This site focuses on the prevention and treatment of child abuse. Also allows for the ordering of books associated with child abuse, including self help books.
Child Abuse Prevention
This site provides information on online forums, activities, ways to help, etc. It also has an area that gives tips to parents on preventing and identifying abuse.
Child Abuse Research "I am psychologist and I have researched lasting effects of child abuse, particularly in men. For nine years I have worked as a therapist with both men and women who were abused in childhood, providing individual and group treatment. I am currently Assistant Director of Research and Postdoctoral Fellow at the Trauma Center of HRI Hospital in Brookline, Massachusetts. This page reflects my level of experience and expertise: I have conducted two large questionnaire studies, for which I helped develop an instrument that assesses adults' previous childhood abuse experiences; I have read numerous scholarly works in this area; I have graduate training in critically evaluating psychological research."
CHILD ABUSE: STATISTICS, RESEARCH, AND RESOURCES "I am a researcher and therapist with a doctorate (Ph.D.) in clinical psychology. I have conducted survey research on rates of child abuse. I have also studied the lasting effects of child abuse - initially the psychological and behavioral effects in men, more recently effects on biology and the regulation of emotion. I am a licensed clinical psychologist, and for 15 years I have been a therapist to men and women abused in childhood, providing individual and group treatment."
Child Abuse Yellow Page This site has a variety of links relating to abuse and violence against children.
Child Prostitution "Child prostitution is a growing problem worldwide. In Asia alone, according to experts on the subject, more than one million young boys and girls are engaged in commercial sexual activity. And indications are that in every part of the world the number of children being harmed in this way is growing. Child prostitutes are found in virtually every country, including the United States, France, United Kingdom, Germany and Japan."
Child Prostitution Page "Of particular concern to the Royal Thai Government is the exploitation of children for the purpose of commercial sex. Young girls and boys too often are lured or forced into working in brothels and other sexually oriented establishments by profiteers."
Child Sexual Abuse "Child sexual abuse has been reported up to 80,000 times a year, but the number of unreported instances is far greater, because the children are afraid to tell anyone what has happened, and the legal procedure for validating an episode is difficult. The problem should be identified, the abuse stopped, and the child should receive professional help. The long-term emotional and psychological damage of sexual abuse can be devastating to the child."
Dying Rooms China and the abuse of daughters in China is discussed, but, if you get easily upset be careful in accessing this site.
False Allegations of Child 
Molestation and Abuse
Child molestation and abuse is a serious crime, what you should do if you are falsely accused.
False Memory Syndrome
This site goes into in-depth discussions on false memory syndrome. It explores how the syndrome is often seen in child abuse cases.
International Child
Abuse Network
This sites motto is "Yes I Can". An interesting part of this site is that they have a 24 hour chat room for discussions on abuse. It also has an area to help you find books on child abuse and related topics.
Male Survivors of Childhood Sex Abuse "Can a man lead a healthy, full and creative life after surviving child sexual abuse? Yes he can, but the road is rough. This section of MenWeb is devoted to helping male survivors to find such a life. We offer some articles and other information for male survivors of childhood sexual abuse."
Maltreatment: The Journal of the American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children This is a journal of research, practice, and policy for professionals. It offers areas for presenting research papers. It also offers an area where they list past and present magazine issues.
National Clearinghouse on Child Abuse and Neglect Information This site provides information on child abuse and neglect for the professional community. It provides information for the prevention, identification, and treatment of child abuse and neglect. The site is a service of the US Department of Health and Human Services. 
Pandora's Box: Child Sexual Abuse "We must never give in to those who would harm our children. We must provide every assurance of safety and love ... and we must not forget. The life of each child is precious.
Please protect & keep our children safe."
Sex Offender The motto of this site is "we target those who hurt". It also lists known sex offenders and child molesters so that parents can use the information to protect their children from these criminals.
Splinters From the Cross This site offers a personal view on child abuse, It is by Mary Lawrence Comm. It is her personal story of her abuse.
Surviving Child Sexual Abuse "Often the first step in recovering from sexual abuse involves having an awareness that some type of violation occurred. If you remember being sexually violated as a child, trust your memories and feelings, even if what you’re remembering seems too awful to be true."
Survivors Voice, The This site contains research that can help in treating abused children. There is also a place to sign a petition to help in the fight against child abuse.
World Wide Legal 
Information Association: 
Child Sexual Abuse
Offers legal advice for people dealing with child sexual abuse. The site also offers facts about abuse. There is also an area that explains how to equip a child on how to deal with sexual abuse and how to identify it.
Wounded Healer Journal, The This site contains lots of self help information for survivors of child abuse. There is also a yellow pages of child abuse victims located here.