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Best Business History Sites Companies that intend to make business history see their own history as both an asset and a process. They continually re-think their core capabilities, they repeatedly reflect on lessons learned from past success and failure, and they ask all employees to find some way each day to redefine enduring corporate values and culture. And they feature it with pride as the move into the future.
Business History Information Sources at the University of Maryland at College Park. A categorized and annotated list of business history literature.
Business History at Ohio State  
BusinessNET "This site identifies important information sources to assist you in your international trade objectives. Included are links to international trade service providers, information on trade shows and seminars, and step-by-step procedural information for all levels of exporting experience."
BiZZ OnLine Middle and small businesses in the Netherlands. A commercial site, but free when you have registered.
Clean Clothes Campaign A Dutch nonprofit organization giving information on developments and activities in the entire subcontracting chain (from home worker to consumer) of the clothing industry, worldwide. Their aim is to improve the labor conditions in the clothing industry.
Corporate Watch Dedicated to helping build greater democratic control over transnational corporations at the local, national and international levels. It is designed to provide you with an array of tools that you can use to investigate and analyze corporate activity. CW is committed to exposing corporate greed by documenting the social, political, economic and environmental impacts of these transnational giants. CW is a joint project of TRAC (The Transnational Resource and Action Center), and IGC (The Institute for Global Communications).
Doing Business on the Internet A resource collection from the Library of Congress.
Essential Information Essential Information is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization, founded in 1982 by Ralph Nader. Links are provided to the following services of the organization: Geographic Information Systems Project (a geographic navigator to access community-based development data); Multinationals and Development Clearinghouse (a resource center that provides information on the history of multinational companies and the health and environmental problems associated with their products and operations); selected articles from Multinational Monitor, EI's newsletter; and Network Services (which provides links to over 30 non-profit organizations, including Action for Corporate Accountability, Center for the Study of Commercialism, and Taxpayer Assets Project). Essential Information's gopher server provides access to EI's ftp site, a repository of documents produced by these organizations. We are involved in a variety of projects to encourage citizens to become active and engaged in their communities.
Ethical Business (EB) Ethical Business is an on-line resource for people interested in ethical and environmental business initiatives and the complex ethical and environmental issues that business faces. The primary purpose of EB is provide a comprehensive, up to date directory of Ethical Business Websites on the Internet. As EB develops it will contain: News about ethical business from around the world, including information about research, conferences, campaigns, new ventures and other news stories; Archives of papers, books and articles on ethical business; Background information about of the various kinds of ethically motivated business, their history and the issues that confront them.
Fortune 500 Information on the 500 companies in the latest Fortune 500. The list can be viewed by revenue, alphabetically for stock price information, or by industry for over fifty industries. There are also medians for nine earnings categories, and top performers for twelve. A CEO list is included and the site is searchable by company, industry, or CEO. Balance sheets and stock snapshots are provided for most companies listed, as are web links when available.
Global Business Network (GBN) A membership organization specializing in scenario thinking and collaborative learning about the future. GBN's worldwide network includes subscribing organizations --strategists from more than fifty leading companies-- and select individuals from the sciences, arts, business, and academia. GBN brings these members together in varied ways to explore driving forces and uncertainties and to integrate these insights into alternative stories about the future. GBN uses this scenario methodology as a "language" in order to reframe executives' mental models, increase their range of vision, and ultimately increase the organization's perceptive powers.
History of Individual Companies "A growing number of companies, as part of their web service, are offering information about their history."
Industry Research Desk Provides tools for researching specific companies, industries, and manufacturing processes; a general guide on how to trace company information step by step. Also links to other internet sites focusing on specific industries (mainly USA in origin). Also provides information on the new NAICS (North American Industry Classification System that will soon replace the old SIC (Standard Industrial Classification system) in the US.
Labour and Business History Maintained in Amsterdam by The International Institute of Social History and The Netherlands Economic History Archive.
Multinational Monitor A comprehensive service devoted to the tracking of corporate activities, especially in the Third World, focusing on the export of hazardous substances, worker health and safety, labor union issues and the environment.
Multinationals Resource Center (MRC) A project of Multinational Monitor magazine. MRC is designed to help activists, journalists, academics and others who need information on the activities of corporations operating in their communities. MRC provides information on topics such as: company history, environmental and workplace hazards associated with various production processes, health and environmental problems associated with products ranging from pharmaceuticals to pesticides, and the dangers of large-scale waste disposal. The Resource Center responds to individual requests for information on a case-by-case basis.