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Androgyny RAQ: Resources and Reference  Brother/sister Raphael Explains all rarely asked questions.
Anything That Moves A magazine for the inner bisexual.
Australian Bisexual Network This site provides information on bisexuality, the history of the bi movement, and a lot of links to gender and (bi)sexuality sites from all over the world. The goal of this site is to serve the worldwide bisexual community by providing a free Internet presence for bisexual individuals and groups.
Bi Planet For people who are bisexual, bi-freindly or bi-positive, or just curious, this is a nice place to explore.
Bisexuality This site contains the answers to many people's questions about bisexuality.
Bisexual Options Bi resources, Bi pages city by city, biographies of people, BiWorld international news, and excerpts of the book The Bisexual Option can all be found at this site.
Bisexuality And How To Use It "For months we have been having conversations with each other trying to work out where we stand as bisexuals. It probably doesn't sound that difficult, but our bisexuality is often construed by others as being at odds with the rest of who we are -- queer socialist-feminists in academia."
Religious Tolerance.Org "Unless you have been isolated in a cave over the past few decades, you are aware that a major conflict is underway in North America over equal rights for gays and lesbians, including the right to marry."