Abortion and Alternatives

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Abortion Alternatives This site is dedicated to thinking about abortion and alternatives to abortion, including information on adoption. It also includes links to adoption attorneys, agencies, and adoptive couples.
Abortion Clinics OnLine "Abortion Clinics OnLine is a directory service comprised of providers of abortion services and other reproductive health care. They may be private physician's offices, state licensed clinics, private clinics, or hospital abortion services. To our knowledge, no anti-abortion 'pregnancy consultation' centers are included here".
Abortion-Help World Directory "The Abortion-Help World Directory aims to: *Provide information on Abortion Providers world-wide, *Enable on-line appointment making, *Link to Family Planning and Counseling Providers, and *Link to educational literature on Abortion and Family Planning".
Abortion Law Homepage "This page is being constructed to help people, regardless of their political bent, understand the background and state of abortion law in America, and access related legal material -- especially that which is less available and less well known".

All sides of the issue

"This web site, ReligiousTolerance.org is an inter-faith group staffed by individuals who have diverse beliefs about these topics. Almost all other sites on the Internet are either strongly pro-life or pro-choice. Some are seriously lacking in objectivity and accuracy. Some distort data; others ignore information that contradicts their views. We try to present both sides to all topics clearly, completely, objectively and accurately.".
Abortion Pro-Life Test This page is designed to help people know where they stand on the subject of abortion.  It has a ten question test that you can answer and have evaluated to see what side you really are on. 
Abortion: Questions and Answers This is page probably has any kind of information that you need about abortion. It gives you a history of abortion as well as information about the social aspects and inpact of abortion. It discusses both pro and con positions.
Abortion is Not a Sin The authors of this site state the reasons why they think that abortion is not a sin by using the Bible. It also gives you a list of other sources on this issue. Remember that there is a strong anti-abortion bias in this site!
Abortion Rights Activist, The "The purpose of this web site is to provide information to the pro-choice community, to others with an interest in abortion and abortion related issues, or to women seeking an abortion. Most of what you'll find is original information, not just a collection of links (except the "Information About Abortion" section)".
American Pro-life Network This page gives you links to a variety of pro-life websites and other national organizations that are associated with the idea of pro-life.
Baptists for Life, Inc. "Through education, training and research, Baptists for Life help local churches form biblically centered, evangelistic pro-life ministries, using the spiritual gifts and innate talents of God's people.  Baptists for Life, Inc. is a national, nonprofit, pro-life ministry".
Citizens Concerned for Human Life This page is pro-life as well.  It gives information on how to picket for the side that you believe in.  It basically comes from people in New York who are pro-life. 
Embassy of the Juridic State of Nature "The Abortion Pro-Life Test: A ten question test is proposed to help examine the views held by pro-lifers.  After taking the test, personal reflection is recommended".
InterLIFE This page gives information and some stories that have to do with abortion.  It lists some cases that have included abortion and their outcomes and also information on abortionists in the U.S. that quit because they feel abortion is wrong.
International Pregnancy Health Center This page gives a number which people can call 24 hours a day and receive accurate information on abortion and the issues surrounding it.
Left Out This page gives people information about the pro-life stance that they may not already know.  It contains some speeches and essays about what the pro-life people are all about.
Medical Students for Choice "We are a national organization of medical students and residents who are working to ensure that comprehensive reproductive health education is a standard component of medical training. We represent over 4,000 students at more than 100 medical schools".
Moral Question of Abortion, The "The Moral Question of Abortion by Stephen Schwarz is a significant work of philosophical reflection upon the absolute value of human life.  Tightly argued from firm rational foundations, this book can be used to articulate an anti-abortion apologia as well as to inspire those in the trenches and at the barricades of the conflict".
National Network of Abortion Funds "The National Network was created for the following purposes: *To facilitate networking and provide mutual support for existing Funds;  *To do outreach and provide support for the creation of new abortion funds;  *To explore new ways to meet the immediate funding needs of women;  *To engage in coalition work at the national level on issues of access to abortion, reproductive freedom and health care, with a special emphasis on funding".
NOW and Abortion Rights "This is a resource guide produced by NOW and has information and links to a variety of other websites".
PARTIAL-BIRTH ABORTION BAN ACT, THE (HR1122) AS PASSED BY THE U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES ON MARCH 20, 1997 The web page describes the partial-birth abortion ban act in it's entirety.  If you click on "more partial-birth abortion info" it will take you to more of the events that occurred during the process of having this accepted.
Pregnancy Help Clinics 
"We are a Crisis Pregnancy Center offering at no cost to clients pregnancy tests, housing opportunities, physician examinations, 24 hour hotline, post-abortion counseling, peer counseling, support groups, community referrals, maternity clothes, and counseling for men. The Pregnancy Help Clinics are dedicated to providing alternatives to abortion and support to women and families facing crisis pregnancies. We are a non-profit organization financed solely by donations from the community and are staffed primarily by volunteers".
Pro-choice America "Thirty years after Roe v. Wade the pro-choice movement is still fighting to protect and defend a woman’s right to choose. Unlike the other rights we expect as Americans, this is not one we can take for granted. NARAL Pro-Choice America is the only organization with a proven history and expertise to combat an aggressive anti-choice movement intent on taking away our rights and freedoms".
Westchester Coalition for Legal Abortion, Inc. "Westchester Coalition for Legal Abortion (WCLA) is a non-partisan countywide advocacy organization that strives to ensure that: *Abortion remains legal, *Family planning and abortion are accessible to all women, regardless of age, income, marital status, or residence, *All women may make their own decisions regarding reproduction without government interference or coercion and *Pro-choice candidates are elected to office".
Wondering Tree, The "The Wondering Tree comes with a preface and guidelines, prepared by a Marriage and Family Therapist, who specializes in post-abortion counseling, to help parents prepare and decide how best to use this sensitive, yet important information. The story, created by a post-abortive mother and writer, reflects realism while maintaining warmth and the kinds of details that children love".